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Part 97: River of Blood - recap

Mission Recap

Game film: LP River of Blood (TFL 1.5)

Aww yeah. I like the preceding missions, but this one is closer to core Myth gameplay than we've been since Forest Heart and (to a lesser extent) Heart of the Stone. Across the Gjol is in the neighborhood, but to me static defense missions are a special subset of Myth play, and dwarves in the rain can get a little too random.

Of course, we're commanding dwarves for this assault as well; however, the only thing they must do reliably is trigger a satchel trap. Otherwise they are supporting fire, just one part of a great unit mix. And precipitation-free.

The enemy force is varied & powerful too, naturally, so you need a balance of micromanagement -- I had to sharpen up my trow-killing, for starters -- and good formation-usage to beat them down. It took some practice to nail this mission. But this is just the sort that I like to replay! A good sign as we start down the stretch toward the climax of the campaign.

P.S. Apparently the reports of Serisothikos' death were exaggerated. (Actually, at the time I was unaware that he was the archer we lost on Gjol.)

P.P.S. Long-format blooper reel coming up next.

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And the cumulative bodycount: