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Part 1: Episode I: Snow in the Summer

Episode I: Snow in the Summer

Here, listen to this first!

So, welcome to NIER. Nier? NieR. Shit, I don't even know anymore. Let's just stick with Nier. Zoah isn't around anymore; there is no need to shout.

As previously stated, despite the game being called "Nier", we can name <father character> whatever the hell we want. Don't worry, he's not going to be referred to as the Star Player of the Zanarkand Abes or ham-fisted retarded nonsense like that. It is barely noticeable.

And no, we are not going to name him Dongs, you insufferable chucklefucks that still think that is funny. We are just naming him Nier. It's pronounced like "near". Short, easy to remember, decent pun potential.'s not a good thing!

Music: Snow in the Summer (Choir)
Nier's OSTs are readily available on iTunes, so I am not going to be directly linking to em. But, I'll still post them on Youtube as a compromise. You should REALLY give these a listen. Nier has a ridiculously great soundtrack. I'll also be posting some stuff that never made it to the OST. At least, not in complete form...

Drat... Oh well, too late. We open in the snow covered ruins of post-apocalyptic Tokyo. Good old Caim and Red managed to ruin another entire dimension even in death. Good for them.

It turns out it is nearly 50 years after the events of Ending E in Drakengard (which happened in 2003, the same year the game was released.) It seem that ending trolled the entire world in the end. least the world isn't in the shitter as much as Drakengard's turned out to be. Did you see Drakengard 2? Anime mullets... Ghastly business.

We are led to the ruins of an old supermarket where a sad looking man is cradling a really, really long pipe and has nodded off alongside some sinister looking reading material. A voice speaks out to him...

"Go on... Take my power... Take it and save your daughter... All I ask... Is your soul..."

The man drops some pipe...err...the metal kind...and awakens with a start. I suppose this would be our hero, Nier. I guess he was in a bit of an odd phase in his early years. Even after the fall of civilization, hipsters still roam the earth.

Nier resumes overcompensating for nothing at all. Why would you even suggest that?

It would seem the black tome resting on the floor was the one offering up the Faustian deals while Nier was napping. I had the same thing happen to me when I read Atlas Shrugged. I mean, the falling asleep part. The Free Market will decide the worth of a man's soul otherwise.


Nier kicks that sonuvabitch across the room. This turns out to be a bad move...

Music: Prologue Ambience

After the fall of man, a brand of ethereal shadow creatures that vehemently adhere to strict library codes and regulations rose from the ashes of civilization. They are known only as the Bookman... You may think the library is just a big joke, but dammit you better have a pair of shoes when you walk into Tokyo Public Library, fella.

Nah, I'm just pulling your leg. Meet the Shades: the primary enemies of NIER. Shades are cranky mindless shadow monsters that have a chip on their shoulders for those who hold up the line at the check-out counter at the store.

And so the epic battle at the twilight of the world between hoodie sporting men with rusty iron pipes and ornery second-rate Heartless begins.

We now begin our first battle of the game. Despite being barely corporeal beings, Shades bleed a SHIT LOAD, even when just bashed about with blunt instruments.

This first battle is very basic. All Nier can do at this point is basically flail about with the pipe and hope for the best. Luckily, Shades are none too durable and will go down in a combo or two. Nier can also block, but that is less blood spilling interesting, no? Pipes in the distant future are surprisingly durable.

Several dead Shades later...

After Nier finishes mopping up the Shades and calling for a clean-up on Aisle 4, we are interrupted by a fit of coughing from over in the frozen food aisle. A small girl is hiding out in the back of the store. I would guess this is Nier's daughter.

<coughs> "D-Dad?"
"You all right, Yonah?"
<cough> "Sorry, Dad. ...I'm sorry. It'll stop in a second. I promise."

"If the monsters hear me, are they... Are they gonna come back for me?"
"I won't let them hurt you, Yonah. I promise. You need to eat something. Stay here. Stay hidden. I'll be right back."

<coughs some more>
"Don't touch that book. Not ever. ...Do you hear me?"
"Yes, Dad. Do you want to take it with you or anything...? Maybe put it on a high shelf? Just in case."
"R-Right dad..."

Nier wanders off. Yup, no way a curious ten year old will fool around with an evil talking book asking for peoples' souls in exchange for power. No sir.

Unfortunately, more Shades crash in hoping to capitalize on big savings and low, low prices.

For this next battle, Nier gains a dodge roll. Neat, I guess. Unfortunately, it is of little use in this fight. Since, an infinite amount of Shades spawn in the room and Nier can dodge and parry until the cows come home (are there even cows anymore...?) But, one single hit from any enemy and...

...the dreaded cutscene defeat kicks in and Nier is dashed to the floor. The other Shades decide they have lost interest and begin marching toward the back for buy one get one free laundry detergent Yonah.

In a bit of a desperate situation, Nier rethinks his anti-intellectual stance with the whole demonic encyclopedia thing.

"I need...more...power... I need to...protect...Yonah..."

And so it begins...

Word has gotten 'round town about the Going Out of Business sale at the local S-Mart. But, there might be a different kind of liquidation sale going on today...

Music: Snow in the Summer (Choir)


Must be a joke book, what with a punch line like that.

"Stay away from my daughter!"

And so begins the tale of Nier: Dadass Supreme...

So various videos, music links, artwork, and what have you will be 'round here at the end of videos for easy browsing if you're into that kind of thing.

Opening Intro Rant

Opening Cutscenes (Probably a good idea to watch this.)

Music: Snow in the Summer (Choir)
Music: Prologue Ambience