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Part 5: Episode V: Should Have Hired a Babysitter...

Episode V: Should Have Hired a Babysitter...

Music: Village Room Ambience

"And stay out of trouble today, all right?"
"All right."
"I mean it. If I catch you wandering off to go read again, you are grounded missy!"
"But I'm already not supposed to leave the house..."
"Look, I got to get going... Just... Bye."

Welp, let's see what needs killin' today from Popola. We are going to be seeing a whole lot of this library. I really wish Popola's office was on the first floor...

"I do have something, but...I don't know. It's going to be a bit of an ordeal."
"Sounds right up my alley."
"I suppose so. You know about the little wooden bridge that's out in the northern plains, right?"
"Yeah. The old thing finally fell over."
"Well, we had a team of carpenters working on it, but they were attacked by Shades."
"What!? Shades in the northern plains?"
"Oh wait...I saw that just yesterday..."

"Yes, I know. Apparently it was overcast, and the Shades caught them off guard. One of the carpenters was seriously injured."
"So you want me to go take 'em out."
"Yes, but be careful! It's a dangerous job."
"My favorite kind. I can't live on charity forever..."

Music: The Northern Plains

Right, then. Off to the Northern Plains. I'm just going to warn you that if you do go out and play NIER, there is a very good chance the Northern Plains' music will be engraved in your mind until the day you die.

Anyhow, our goal is a ways west of where we were slaughtering Lambchop yesterday. As I stated earlier, the game will ALWAYS point you in the direction of main quest objectives with a big red X on the map. Even if you lack the map to an area, the location will still be marked. There is never a time the X isn't there.

There is just a trio of sword wielding (well...shadowy ethereal energy resembling a sword at least) Shades hanging out by the bridge. No sweat.

It's worth mentioning that Shades occasionally drop weird random items. Most of it is just vendor trash, but you've got to wonder what the hell they were doing lugging around the things in the first place. The anti-carpentry league of Shades here held a Thick Dictionary and some Leather Boots. Sure, why not?

Three dead Shades later...

Just a hunch, but I think it is going to take a dungeon crawl or two a few days for the villagers to repair this mess. Speaking of giant cliff drops, NIER runs on Zelda rules of pitfalls. Falling down a 300 foot ravine will just knock off a sliver of health and warp Nier back to the nearest safe spot. Which is nice, since we will be visiting a few rather elevated locations soon enough.

Anyhow, let's report back to Popola...

Music: Village Room Ambience

Popola is relieved to see Nier is back safe and the job is done. She hooks Dadass up with 1000 gold the carpenters left with her for the assignment. Easy money.

"Oh, um...speaking of Yonah, she came by here this afternoon."
"Dammit! Not again!"
"Don't be so angry! She just wanted to ask me a question."
"What about?"
"She was asking about the outside world."
"Why would she suddenly care about what happens outside the village?"
"I don't know..."
"Oh, well. I guess kids don't always make sense."
"Don't worry. I told her she wasn't allowed outside the village."
"Thanks. And sorry she was bugging you."
"It's not a bother. Now go home. She's probably worried about you."

What could little Yonah be wondering about the outside world for, I wonder? I can't think of what in the world would suddenly spark her curiosity. Not like anyone has told her any fairy tales about magical MacGuffins that would cure her terminal illness or anything...

Returning to Nier's home...

It seems Yonah isn't in her room. Maybe she's ran off to the library... You know, the one where we just came from and she would have had to pass her dad in order to make it there... Worth a look, I guess.

Backtracking, ho!!

Shockingly enough, she's not here either. Maybe we should check to see if she's home ye-wait,, that's a stupid plan. Let's go see if Mayor Redhead has seen her again.

"Hmm? No, I haven't seen her."
"That's strange. She's not home, either."
"Yeah. I figured she came here to bug you some more."
"Nope, she hasn't been back since earlier. She should be home by now."
"Did she say where she was going?"
"No. She just asked me where she could fine a Lunar Tear. She's so cute. I told her how they used to grow around the Lost Shrine."
"Why the hell is Yonah asking about Lunar Tears?"

"What is it? What's wrong!?"
"Yesterday I told her a story about how Lunar Tears can grant wishes."
"She asked me if it could cure her, and I said it could, and then... Gods, I am such an idiot!"
"You don't think she went to look for one, do you!?"
"If she's finally learned the extent of her illness... Oh, damn it all! What's the fastest way to the Lost Shrine?"
"Through the eastern gate. Like I told Yonah, you just head that way until you get to a fork in the road. There, look for a big dead tree to the northeast and follow that path. Then it's just a straight shot down the path until you come to the huge rope bridge across the gorge to the Lost Shrine."
"You can't miss it. I do hope she didn't go there. The Lost Shrine is a very dangerous place. The interior is in severe disrepair. It's a huge tower and the floor is crumbling all over; heck of a drop if you misstep. To make no mention of the bottomless gorge surrounding the tower. Or the fact it is a nest of Shades to begin with. Terrible place, really."

Music: The Lost Forest


Hauling ass to the Eastern Gate...

"Yonah's ribbon...? Yonah... I can't believe she really went to the Lost Shrine..."

Right, we need to follow the fork in the road straight ahead past the big dead tree. We'll be seeing what is down the other passage some time down the line. We've got a daughter to rescue, no time for sightseeing!

Unfortunately, a rockslide has taken out the path to the Lost Shrine. Huh...well, maybe Yonah had to turn back. I mean, there's no way she could climb over huge boulders like that.

...Though, the conveniently place set of stairs and sturdy ladder leading to the Scenic Overlook Picnic Area...could be another story.

A dash across the detour route later...

We get a lovely view of the majestic Lost Shrine at the summit of the pass. Didn't I fight a colossus 'round these parts once...?

In any case, ladies and gents... I believe we have found ourselves the first dungeon of NIER...

Entering the Lost Shrine

Music: The Lost Forest

Popola Illustration