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Part 8: Episode VIII: The Song of the Ancients

Episode VIII: The Song of the Ancients

"When did this happen?"
"A month ago. Maybe a little more."
"The disease curses the afflicted with strange runic symbols that gradually spread over the entire body. And I is fatal."
"I know... Oh, Yonah..."
"Come. It's best to let her sleep."

Nier storms out the front door...

Music: Village Tunes

"Why does it have to be Yonah? Why not me? Of all people, why my only daughter!?"
"I would gladly help her, had I the means to do so."

So, basically Yonah has magic fantasy cancer. Sadly, magic fantasy chemotherapy was never invented before the collapse of civilization. In any case, it would seem Devola has something of importance to say. That is, if the omniscient RED X is to be believed (it is always to be believed!)

"Never mind the book-"
"Now see here! I am Grimoire Weiss, and you will treat me with the proper respect!"
"Wait, you're Grimoire Weiss? Oh, that is so cool!"
"Yeah, I know it is an uppity pain in the a-wait, what...?"
"...You know him?"
"Of course! He's the white book mentioned in my song I was singing."
"...He's in your song?"
"Yeah, the Song of the Ancients. It's an old tune that's been passed down through generations of villagers. It's in a forgotten language, so I doubt you could make much sense of it."
"Do you know what it says?"
"Well, it's not like I studied it or anything, but I can tell you bits and pieces. There's this terrible black book that shows up and starts spreading disease all over the place. But then this white book appears and saves the world and everyone's happy. You know how it goes."
"What is it?"
"Never mind. Tell me about this black book. Where is it from? How does it work?"
"What? ...It's just a song. I don't know what it means."

Pictured: Papa Nier - Eloquent Master of Tact.

Devola tells Nier to piss off and talk with her busy sister so she can resume smoking copious amounts of weed and singing all day long. Must be nice...

Music: Song of the Ancients - Alright, this music is now a plot point. A plot point in a fictional language...but, still a major plot point. So, you have no reason to neglect listening to it if you have failed to do so thus far.

"And a disease..."
"Mmm? Something wrong?"
"...Just thinking is all."
"Try not to hurt yourself."

How many trips to Popola's office is this now...? I've already lost count...

"Maybe you can help. What do you know about the song that Devola was singing?"
"Is that Grimoire Weiss?"
"You know Weiss?"
"Finally! Someone who appreciates quality when they see it."
"Yes, well, the Song of the Ancients. Let's see..."

Music: Prologue Choir

"When the great black book, Grimoire Noir, plunges the world into chaos... The white book, Grimoire Weiss, will appear with his Sealed Verses. He will then vanquish Grimoire Noir and restore harmony in the world. ...Or so the legend goes."
"What's a 'Sealed Verse?'"
"These records are really old, so I can't say for sure. I imagine it's...some kind of magic."

"...What-what's it?"
"If the black book spreads chaos-if it spreads the Black Scrawl-then the white book must be able to cure it! I need to find these Sealed Verses..."
"Perhaps the matter I infused in the shrine is one of these Sealed Verses of which you speak."
"That's what the stupid tutorial prompts said."
"I'm surprised you even read those."
"Only long enough to realize I had to mash X to make 'em go away."

"Yeah, I think you're right, Weiss. And that means you're gonna save my little girl."
"Guys, don't get too excited. This is just some old legend."
"Weiss is real enough, isn't he? And if he's real, the rest of it must be, too. He can cure the Black Scrawl...I know it."

"Sorry, but there's nothing about that in any of the records. What we do know is that there's a number of these Sealed Verses out there."
"And it also appears that the Shades you fight and these Verses are intrinsically linked."
"Fine. Then I kill 'em all and take what I need."
"Have you gone completely mad?"
"What an absurdly reckless plan!"
"I won't stand around while my daughter dies! Tell me where to find 'em!"
"Now wait just one minute!"
"You're really going to do this, huh? Well, all right..."

Popola tells us that The Aerie is located, conveniently enough, just past the newly re-built bridge we rid of Shades just the other day. One of the Sealed Verses is perhaps located there. We ought to go talk to the Mayor, who lives at the highest point of the Aerie in a golden house. Well, that is a plan, I suppose...

Nier thanks Popola and rushes out the door with Weiss...

And thus we have our objective for the first half of the game: obtaining the Sealed Verses magic spells. Since, the magic progression of "Grimoire Weiss lobs balls of pure energy" and "Grimoire Weiss lobs ethereal drill lances into enemies' eyes" will no doubt eventually lead to "Grimoire Weiss cures magic fantasy cancer." Sure, why not...?

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