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Part 107: Episode C: The Other Side of the Coin

Episode C: The Other Side of the Coin

"And so Sunshine had a big mushy reunion with the yapping encyclopedia, the Barbarian of the Opera, and that hilarious looking cartoon skeleton kid. Bahahahah. that dopey looking kid never stops being funny! Anyway, you already know about all this lame nonsense. Yadda yadda yadda! So, let's just jump ahead to the fun juicy bits! Hah hah ha. Oh, no worries! I'll recap a bit for the ones not quite firing on all cylinders."

"We saved Kainé!"
"That's great. Now tell her and Skeletor to get out!"
"This is crap! But I'll just go home and brood for the night and never do anything about it because I have the debating skills of a silkworm!"
"It's cool. I'm basically a hobo anyway!'

The next day... How the hell do they even figure days with the sun broken...?

"I'm upset you told my friends to get the hell out of the village, but as you are also my friend I am conflicted and will thus cave into your demands because I'm just kinda thick like that. I forgive you."
"Cool. Go talk to my sister for a quest or something. Come back to me to initiate incredibly lame tasks for your crippling OCD."
"I stood in a field for a solid week trying to make pink flowers."

"Hey. I know you've made absolutely no headway in finding your daughter in the last half decade. But I just so happened to have stumbled upon info that will set you down the path of traveling all over the world collecting crap in incredibly dangerous locales that will totally let you find her."
(Hmm... Should I ask where she got this very convenient info from...? Naw. She's my FRIEND!!)
"Anyway, you gotta go to the Lost Shrine. Break a leg!"

Nier and the gang travel to the Lost Shrine...

"Heheh. That's the gist of it. Well, enjoy the rest of the story. It's a real treat. Kah hah hah!"

Some time ago...

Music: His Dream

We join the boss of the Lost Shrine, Gretel, some time shortly after Nier's original visit to the Lost Shrine in which the Shade had the worst day ever. A new feature of New Game Plus is that we get to see the Shades' side of the story. And understand their speech. For better or for worse...

Several smaller peon Shades wander into the chamber toward Gretel...

"Go away! Dirty, defective swine! I'm not like you! I'm different!"


Up to the Lost Shrine we go!

Some time ago...

"Grimoire Weiss has been taken away. Hansel is dead. There's no reason for me to exist anymore. My life is over. Just leave me alone."
<happy chirping>

Back to the party...

"Who are these guys?"
"Certainly not your garden variety Shades."
"Their bodies aren't fully functional."
"I've heard of this! A cursed area where incomplete Shades gather!"

Present day...

"I mocked you. Betrayed you. All because you went Gestalt before the change was complete. But after all this...I think I can understand you. I think we can speak as equals. This makes me very happy. I hope we can spend the rest of our liv-"

"What was that?"

I think it might be trouble...

Gretel's Story