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Part 108: Episode CI: Gretel & Friends

Episode CI: Gretel & Friends

Music: Blu-bird

"I'm sure you even you half-braindead mooks remember this tin can of a Shade. 'Oh-boo hoo! I got my ass handed to me by a steroid abusing moron that fought nothing but sheep up until that point. Wooooooe is me! But wait... I have FRIENDS now! Yes... YES I can persevere!' Pfft... What a fuckin' pantywaist! I wish I COULDN'T hear what these weepy saps had to say. Oh well...makes the killin' a bit more funny. Bwahaha. So here's what the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP produces! Enjoy!"

"What's going on? There's dozens of them!"
"Stop! They can't defend themselves!"
"These are creatures of the darkness! Lure them to the light! Pathetic to the end, I see."

"I am not their leader! It is I who rely on them! It is they who saved me!"

"Bwah hah hah! Oh, you're funny! I'm gonna start cryin' here!"

"And so Sunshine and Dry-Bones and...the big angry shirtless prick...I still have no idea what the hell is name is... Nobody EVER says it! Weirdest damn thing. Probably has a really name name like Ned or Norman or some shit. I like the guy. Dumb as a bag of rocks, dresses like he's gonna go LARPing on the beach and lost a fight with a jockstrap lobbed at his face. But very focused on killin', I can respect that in a fella. Hehehe. Right...where was I? Oh yeah. They murdered all of the dopey Shade's friends and kicked his ass again. It was all very amusing. But...

"Dammit, dammit, dammit!"
"Hey there, Sunshine! You ain't feeling bad for this freak, are ya? Ain't no turnin' back now! Ya gotta lust for blood! Ya gotta embrace the slaughter! All we know is the thrill of battle! Ain't that right, Kainé?"

"So it turned out the power of FRIENDSHIP was about as effective as giving a hug with nuclear arms. Shame that. Hehe. Not really a fan of the next part..."

"Oh, you're KIDDIN' me!"

"We are incomplete. But our friends make us whole! We are mocked, abused, and hated. But our friends keep us strong! That is what keeps us going! Do not stand in the way of our lives! friends! Come on, mov-!"

"Priceless! I love that big dumb gorilla and his tactful use of stabbin'!"

And so everyone rushed to Sunshine's side and asked if she was okay. Yeah... Half foot stick of metal going through her chest. She's just fiiiiiiine. A couple band-aids and she'll be like new!

"I fear there is little we can do."
"No! Kainé!"

Music: Cold Steel Coffin ~ Piano

"Get...get back..."
"What is that?"
"Kainé! Kainé!"

"Kah hah hah hah! It's all over for you, Sunshine!"

"Bwa hah hah hah! What fun!"

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