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Part 112: Episode CV: I am Legend

Episode CV: I am Legend

"Now where were we...? I kinda zoned out for a while there. Hasn't been enough killin' lately. Makin' me feel a bit under the weather, ya know? Eheheh. Ah right... Whatshisface and... You know what?! I'm sick of not knowing that big lug's name! Let's call Jimbo! Yeah... He looks like a Jimbo to me! So Jimbo and the book went to go visit the ginger android chick again since we'd all run out of things to kill and nobody had any requests to gather 10 pieces of pig droppings to make a compost heap that day. To summarize..."

"Vaguely. That town is weird. Nobody asks me to go gather rusted buckets or turnips out of the blue."
"Right. So I got this highly unusual letter from the chief of The Aerie..."

"P.S. - Sacrifice. Shadowlord. Obvious trap."

"This sounds highly suspect."
"I agree. Maybe you should think this ov-"
<sigh> "Be careful...I guess..."

"Gotta save Yonah! Gotta save Yonah! Gotta save Yonah! Gotta save Yonah! Gotta save Yonah! Gotta save Yonah! Gotta save Yonah! Gotta save Yonah! Gotta save Yonah! Gotta save Yonah! Gotta save Yonah! Gotta save Yonah! Gotta save Yonah! Gotta save Yonah! Gotta save Yonah! Gotta save Yonah! Gotta save Yonah! Gotta save Yonah! Gotta save Yon-"


"They must have truly opened their minds!"
"You think so? I have my doubts."
"Aren't you glad to be going back home, Kainé?"
"That place is a shithole."
"Don't be so nervous, Kainé. We'll protect you."
"I got me taken care of! Worry about protecting yourself."
"Ooooh, the village! It's home to soooo many tewwible wittle memowies, isn't it, Kainé? BWAAAAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!"
"Shut up! Shut up, shut up!"

"I reeeeeeeeally liked this next little adventure. Ahehehe... It's the best when the daily death toll tops out breaking into the triple digits!"

Meanwhile, at The Aerie...

Music: Cold Steel Coffin

"We do not desire needless conflict. If we can continue to live with humans..."
"Then we can continue to live peacefully."
"But that man will come. Yes. That man will come. He will kill us all. He will kill our women and children."
"What should we do? What can we do?"

"Humans and Shades living together in harmony. Bleh! Enough to make me lose my fuckin' lunch! Luckily, the one man genocide ol' Jimbo was on the case to throw a wrench into that hippie bullshit. Bwa hah hah!"

"'course not all the humans had gotten all buddy-buddy with their Gestalts. There were still some hold outs, like that fat cow of a village chief. Though all they did was pray to their impotent gods and bitch about their impending doom. Ahaheh. Too bad the Shades wouldn't be the end of their shithole of a village..."

"Some of the villagers had gotten together and set-up a shitty little flea market. Ya know, try to make it seem like it was business as usual over at The Aerie and nothing to be suspicious about. Maybe a little bit of the old positive PR and such. Big mistake. Shoulda kept up with the xenophobic prick act the humans had gotten so good at!"

"Say uh... You're not...friends with that Kainé girl...a-are ya...?"
"Sure are!"
"Oh...oh oh gawd... So uhh...doing 'round here...? Not hunting Shades or anything crazy like that....right...?"
"We intend to defeat every last Shades we come across!"

"So, of course the poooooooor thing shat its pants when it realized the guy who'd murdered a few thousand of his race was standing in front of him and all hell broke loose. Good times...."

Music: Cold Steel Coffin (Battle)

"Beautiful... Sunshine decided to come and help with the village massacre. Unfortunately well..."

"Gah haha! That didn't end all too great for her!"

"-in peace!"
"Stop it! Don't hurt my sister!"
"You monster! You possessed monster! It is YOU who have lost your humanity! You are the true monsters!"
"What madness! These people are behaving as if we are the villains."
"You are the cursed ones! You are the ones who should die!"
"Kainé! Look out!"
"Kill them! Kill them now!"

"No! You've got to stop this! We're trying to save you from the Shades! Please! Please, stop!"
"We need to get outta here! Kainé? Kainé, get up! Hurry!"
"Oh, the little vixen has finally run out of steam. Is it my turn now? Are you suuuure about that, Sunshine?"
"Stop this at once!"
"Leave us in peace!"
"Get them!"
"Why did you have to come!? Everything was fine until you appeared!"

"So, with everything in their happy little village going to shit thanks to the angry barbarian and his blood magic tome going on a rampage, the Shades tried fusing together in one last ditch effort to save their home. Desperate move that. Sure, it's a fast track to getting a sizable power boost. But, it's also a real good way to Relapse. Fusing together into a big throbbing mass of collective consciousnesses all swimming together at once like that... Just takes one of 'em to piss in the gene pool and you've gotta huge mess on your hands. But, I suppose when the alternative was to be violently stabbed to death, ya do what ya gotta do... Heheheh!"

"Long story went poorly..."

"Very, very poorly. Adios, Aerie! Wouldn't peg Skeletor for a mass murderer. That kid's got more spunk than I gave him credit for! AHA HAH HAH HAH!"

"Priceless... Simply priceless! Don't look back...cuz I don't think I could ever stop laughin' from the comedy of errors! Kah cha cha!"

Nier Visits Town...

NieR Gestalt Wallpaper.