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Part 114: Episode CVII: Dirge of Cerberus

Episode CVII: Dirge of Cerberus

"So the masked losers and the desert fleabags were on a collision course for a big, beautiful slaughter. Good times. Good times... Aah hah hah!"

(Maybe they should add a rule where ten year olds cannot come into power of this ass backwards city. I am TERRIBLE at this ruling thing.)
"So, like we gonna go kill some stuff or what? I'm pretty sure that one black wolf was a Shade. Gotta kill all Shades and everything."
(You guys don't have to come battle the wolves. I can't ask you to do that.)
"If even one of the wolves is a Shade, then I gotta kill 'em ALL...just to be sure they're not hidden Shades!"
(I'm gonna be honest...that is a pretty alarming policy to take.)
"Can we just fuckin' go now? Also Fyra and stuff."

(How DARE you try to stop me!)
(The rules state you're out of line, my liege...)

Music: Kainé ~ Salvation

(Rule #11552 states: Psyche! Come on, sire. Let's go stomp some wolves!)
"We're Oscar Mike."


"The humans will be upon us shortly. We can make our escape if we move now."

The rest of the wolves vote: fuck that noise! Or maybe they just see a rogue bird and it's spooking them. I dunno. I don't speak dog bark. But, apparently Roc does...

"I hear you, my brothers. And I share your desire to die with honor. Your resolve is strong, and your pack thanks you. The lives of our comrades! For the pride of our pack! Death to the invaders!"

Outside the den...

(Sorry to ask so much of you.)
"Forget it. It's for Fyra."
"...Let's move!"

<Insert an extremely one-sided brutal battle here>

"Why do these beasts hold so much rage? The smaller wolves are not infected with Shades! But as for the leader..."
"If even one Shade is here, then I have to kill all of 'em!"
(Come, wolves! Taste the sting of our blades! I'll leave not a single one of you alive!)
"We can never forgive you, humans! There shall never be peace between us!"

Welp, it's them or us. I think we know which side Nier is on...

That's gonna leave a mark. Alright, let's see what Roc has to say now that a few of us can understand him, mmm?

(Horrid beast! Die! We cannot know peace as long as you draw breath!)

Roc scrambles to his feet...

(This is for my people! And our fallen! And for Fyra!!)

Music: Emil ~ Sacrifice

"What have we done to deserve...such a fate?"

Fucked with the King of Facade. Big mistake...

"I have already lived for far too long. But you must endure. Go. Live. And think of me now and again."

"Thank you for being my friend."

No, it's not literally his father. It was just Roc's master from back when he was a normal wolf-dog. You just know there were a bunch of morons that had their pets converted into Gestalts back when the world was going to shit. I'm sure there's an old lady Shade out there with fifty Shade cats in some cave somewhere. Well, at least the Loyal Cerberus key makes a bit more sense...

Some time later...

(And just as her future was looking bright...)
"I believe that young Fyra was perfectly content with the life she had."
"Of course! Does this not sound like what she would say to you? She was terribly proud of her king. And now you must do all that you can to honor her memory."
(...I will do my best. I swear it.)
(I'm sorry. I need to be alone right now. The king isn't allowed to shed tears in front of others.)
"Is that another infernal rule?"
(The People of the Mask live and die by our rules. And sometimes, even break them. Isn't that right, Fyra?)

"And that's a wrap for that big stupid fetch quest. Just took murdering some failed security guard and his Special Ed. class of buddies, an orphan and his robot, a tree with the memories of everyone from the old world, an entire town, and a 1300 year old mutt to do it. BWA HAH HAH HAH! Oh, delicious! I wonder what kinda slaughter is at the big boss' pad? Can't wait..."

Roc Gets Rocked
(Probably worth watching.)