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Part 115: Episode CVIII: Not the Mama!

Episode CVIII: Not the Mama!

"Are you quite sure you have the right trail?"
'course I am! That dickhead and my sword went this way!
"Tell me, Caim. Does this place look...I don't know...a bit familiar to you?"
I dunno... All these stupid ruined towns look the same.
"Perhaps. But...this one has quite a vivid familiarity. Explosively so..."
Are we back... Did we...go in a...

"Giant circle? Yes. That would appear to be the case."
Goddamn unclefucking sonuvabitch FUCK! That's it! SOMEONE is getting a croc jammed sideways up their ass for all this.
"You mean something along those lines wasn't your initial plan?"
Well...yea...but... Look just shuddup and fly down the next clear place you see. It's killin' time!
"You say that as though you operate on hours when that time is not in effect."
There used to be happy hour after killin' time. But then we exploded and drinking got kinda tough... Come on, dragon. I think we're just about there...

"Welp, we're almost at the end of this wonderful, blood drenched tale. Just time to go pay a visit to the 'Shadowlord'. Funny, I don't remember electing any asshole to be the lord of jack shit... Anyway, here's the skinny leading up to the fun parts."

"Gonna go kill the Shadowlord and save Yonah and everything is gonna be okay forever!"
"...About that."
"Oh...uh. Nothing. Nevermind..."
"You know, Popola. Always chickening out, dammit sis worrying!"

"Let's try to all make it back alive."
"Yeah, sure."
"I am so sick of climbing this place..."

"Alright! Let's go! Gotta save Yonah!"

"Alright! Let's go! Gotta save Yonah!"

"I swear he did this like five times before someone said something..."

"-around the same paths."
"What do you mean?"
"Every beginning's an end, and every end's a beginning! Bwah hah hah hah!"
"I think we're stuck."
"There must be an escape route somewhere..."

"Ominous questions."
"Trial and error replies."
"You messed up answering twice, but got it the third try. You seem legit. You are acknowledged as master."
"Well, then. It seems we can pass. Nobody ask what that was all talking about or anything."
"Wasn't planning on. Killin' ain't a question. It's the answer."

"It's really dangerous here."
"Don't suppose we could convince you to just go back to the village?"
"Well, I mean...I guess I could double-check that there's no more errands to ru-"

"Oh, goddammit!"

"I mean NO!"
"Oh well, was worth a shot."

"We're now evil. Sorry."
"We didn't want to be evil for another hundred years or so. I'm afraid this is just fate."

"Bwah hah hah hah! Kill 'em, you glorious bastards! Kill 'em all!"
"This is madne-"


"Thanks for the Sealed Verses."
"Our boss, the Shadowlord has need of them."
"The Shadowlord?! You were working for him the whole time?!"
<golf clap>

"Wheeeeeee! See ya later!"
"The...hell just happened...?"
"I couldn't ri-ri-ri-ri-ri. Oh bother."
"Don't look at me like that! I am Grimoire Weiss! I am perfectly fiiiii... Fiiiii... Fi-fi-fi-fi-fi-fiiiiiiiiiii..."

Music: Dance of the Evanescent

"Well, that's the gist of it anyway. I'll just let the rest play out as is. See ya on the other side. Gonna grab myself some popcorn and enjoy the show. Kah hah hah!"

Music: Dance of the Evanescent ~ Distorted Waltz

"Buncha dancin' bastards..."
"They're all Shades!"

"Defilers! None of you are human! This is a holy sanctuary for humans! Leave at once, beasts."
"I think we're locked in!"
"It's not like I was planning to leave."
"Yeah, it's a bit late for that."
"This sanctuary must remain under our protection. This is our final bastion. For the sake of those we love... We will not allow it to be destroyed."

Music: The Shadowlord's Castle ~ Roar

"How come I never got invited to this little member's only club? Buncha elitist pricks!"

"I'll open the next door! Cover me!"
"Oh, how I do love a good daaaaa... Daaannnn... Da-da-da-da-"
"Knock it off, Weiss!"
"...Mmm? Oh, right. Protect the hussy, yes? Good plan. Let's go."
"Nooooo! Our treasures lie just beyond! You can't enter! You mustn't!"

"Kainé, hurry!"
"It's not open yet!?"
"Do I look like a goddamn locksmith to you!?"

Kainé starts just kicking the shit out of the door instead...

"No! You idiot! What are you doing!?"
"Lock doesn't wanna open? Fine! I'll just break it down!"
"You impatient fool! Stop!"

"Goddamn-no-good bullshit bastard! COME ON!"

How do Shades even lock things to begin with? Half of them don't even have hands!

"Got it!"
"Kainé! Look out!"


"Are they crying or laughing?"
"These things are freaking me out!"

"They are just babies! They don't know any better!"
"Kainé! What's wrong?"
"We waited for so long, and now we finally can recreate them..."
"We need to help Kainé!"
"Spare the lives of the children! Please! Please, I beg you!"

"You okay?"
"Yeah, but we got problems..."

"Everyone! To me!"


"There there, little one. Nothing to be scared of anymore."

"Mommy! Stay with me, Mommy!"

"Baby mama plus crotch spawn equals hell pig, eh? Glad I never got married. Bwa hah hah!"

Kick the Baby