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Part 116: Episode CIX: Duck, Duck, Goose!

Episode CIX: Duck, Duck, Goose!

Music: Shadowlord ~ Roar

"Now where were we...? Ah yes! Baby murder and the doom boar. Of course... Kah hah hah!"

"How many have you killed? How many? Your actions can never be forgiven!"
"We don't need forgiveness, asshole!"

"It ain't hatred... And it ain't sadness... What's going on here, Sunshine?"
"How should I know?"
"Kainé! Are you all right!?"
"Fine. Let's just kill some shit and move on, all right?"
"...Interesting. Oh, how very interesting!"

"And so the stupid pig got the hell kicked out of it by the murderous band, but it kept getting up and getting up again. I guess those widdle babby Shades got combined into quite the meat grinder. Ahah hah hah! Anyway, it started crapping out a deadly fog. I guess that's another side-effect of smashing together a buncha shit factories into a big tub of pissed off bacon."

"So everyone high-tailed it outta there since I guess humans and deadly neurotoxin don't mix too well. Well, Sunshine and Skeletor got outta there damn quick. Jimbo had to run for his life with the thing right on his ass. It was pretty fuckin' hilarious! But, let's jump ahead..."

"...Ahead to when they got to another locked door and the non-kosher boss caught up to everyone. Let's see how that went..."

"Maybe you shouldn't have killed her friends! Look at her! So full of scorn and hate! ...She's just like you, Sunshine! Bwah hah hah hah!"
"...Like you're any different."

"Hey now-"
"You're in pain. You're lonely. No one likes you. So you try to dull it all with violence and hate."
"I'm not like that at all!"
"It's okay."
"...It is?"
"Look, I'm the same way."
"But just realizing that isn't going to help. It's too late for us now. It's too late for everything. We're too far gone, you and I. That's why we-"
"Strike the beast while it's down!"
"The entrance is locked too!"

"We must protect our final bastion!"

"What's she talkin' about...? That ain't true at all. Uhh...wha? Oh right. Boar. Resurrection. Death gas. Blah blah blah...."

Music: Emil ~ Karma

(Looks like we got here just in the nick of time. What does that make us?)
(As per rule 2004: Big damn heroes, sire.)
(Ain't we just?)

(Let our friends through!)
(The People of the Mask owe you a great debt.)
(And now is the time to repay it!)

A few of the Men of the Mask rush over to unseal the door leading further into the Shadowlord's Castle...

"How did you get here?"
(My citizens were speaking of your latest adventure. This is the castle of the Shadowlord, is it not?)
"You are correct."
(Then we have a common enemy!)
(We'll hold this one off. Please, keep moving.)
(We are the People of the Mask!)
(We will stand our ground until our last breath.)
(I swore it upon Fyra's grave... I swore to become a good and just ruler. A king who would protect others from the Shades.)

(It's open!)
(Now, go rescue the one you hold most dear!)

Music: Emil ~ Karma (Piano)

Nier and the gang get shoved out of the room and the door is sealed behind them...

(We'll meet again, you and I, once all of this is over.)

(See you around!)

The doors slam shut...

"No! Open the door! You can't fight them on your own!"
(It's all right! You have to keep going! Defeat the Shadowlord and get your daughter back!)

(You must once again know the joy of having one you love by your side.)

Goose resurrects yet again...

(Now then... Say, how many rules are there about what to shout before dying in battle?)

(Fifty-eight, my liege.)
(Amazing! How do you remember all these things?)

(Do not despair, my liege. We are with you.)
(...I know. Let's try this again...)

(By the honor of the mask!)

(For the honor of our king! For the honor of our queen!)


"Come on, let's go."
"He's fighting for you! And for Fyra! Don't let him die for nothing."

"And that was the last they ever saw of 'em masked freaks. Maybe, if you're lucky, I'll go back and check in on 'em later... Or maybe not! Kwah hah hah!"

Goose and Tyrann Chatter