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Part 118: Episode CXI: World's Best Dads

Episode CXI: World's Best Dads

Music: Yonah ~ Piano

"Gotta say, for being the 'Shadowlord'...and the fuck does that even mean? 'Shadow'? Those hick Replicants calling me a Shade was annoying enough. I'd kick the shit out of anyone that called me a Shadow. What's next? Just 'Dark Thinger'? Oh right...anyway, the Shadowlord's place is a total dump. So I guess he spent the last five years being a creep and staring at his daughter sleeping..."

"Soon my body will arrive. Then we can be together. Just like before."

"Meanwhile, Jimbo and Sunshine were all soooo upset the cartoon skeleton blew the hell up. At least he went out blowin' up some crazy broad. Personally, I woulda preferred to have been back in a dense population center if I had to go nuclear. But feh...I guess you take what you can get! Bwah hah hah hah!"

"Jimbo dealt with his new, non-angry asshole emotions by just going all lame and sulking."

"Sunshine dealt with things by beating the crap outta whatshisface. Pah hah hah! I knew I picked the right horse for this race!"

"Then things got weird. I think Sunshine wanted to head butt him or something but she wasn't tall enough. Oh well, whatever... Let's get back to killin', eh?"

Music: The Shadowlord's Theme


Nier runs toward his long lost daughter...

"Oh... OHHHHHHH!! AHAH HAH HAH HAH! That...THAT is the Shadowlord?! It's fuckin' Shade Jimbo?! Bwah hah hah! Oh, that's just too great! Kah hah hah! I thought Skeletor exploding was gonna be the funniest thing all day! This has been the BEST field trip!"

"So the Jimbolord crapped out the floating magazine's even more annoying brother or something. You'd think you'd give some stupid magic book that's supposed to save the world a wee bit less of a dickish personality. I mean, ain't got nothing against being a dick! Hehehe. Just seems like they didn't think that one through too well back in the day, ya know? Oh well, remembering how things operated waaaaaaay back then, they probably stuck a buncha drugged up homicidal child soldier Gestalts in the things and called it a day. But, ya know... I had something else on my mind after the porn rag bit the dust..."

"-happening in your heart. The hate is gone, the sadness is gone... It's just a buncha white light now. I don't know what's going on, but I don't like it."

"You're not the only voice in my life anymore. I've spent time with others. I'm a curse. A freak. I know that, and he knows it too. But guess what? He still accepts me. He still forgives me."

"I'm tired of this world and everybody in it. I'll become his sword one last time!"

<groan> "What is this bullshit? This ain't how our deal goes, Sunshine!"




Music: The Shadowlord's Theme ~ Vocals Only

"Dad...stop. Please...I...I don't want this anymore. I don't need someone else's body. I don't want it."
"Someone else? No. Yonah! They were ours to begin with!"
"There's another girl inside this body. I can... I can hear her. She keeps crying. She says she wants to see her dad."

"Well, more like her body and soul got mashed together into one proper human like it's supposed to be. Hope you don't mess with that too much... That's pretty much the only way you're fixin' that fun Black Scrawl thing you guys get... Ah, what the hell! It'll be funny either way! Real quick on the uptake, by the way."

"This girl loves her father just as much as I do. She loves him just as much.'s not right she can't see him. "
"Yonah, stop. Please..."

Yonah turns back to Nier...

"Are you...'Dad'?"

"Yes. I am. Let's go home."

Yonah contemplates this offer a bit and then turns around and begins walking toward the nearby curtain.

"Stop! Listen to me! Yonah, please!"

"I...I'm sorry, Dad. I don't... I don't know what to..."

"I'm so very sorry..."

"I love you, Dad. ...I love you."

"Hurry! The Shade that possessed her is gone!"

Music: The Shadowlord's Theme ~ Version 2

"You want me to understand your sadness? You think I'm going to sympathize with you?"
"But why!?"
"I swore to protect my daughter and my friends. If someone puts them in danger, they must stand aside or be cut down! Come on! Let's go!"

"And so Jimbo's ignorant ass kicked the crap out of his soul some more. It was very exciting..."

Music: The Shadowlord's Theme ~ Vocals 2

"Though, it seemed the book had some problems. Shame!"

"Oh, bother. One moment, please."

"You okay?"
"Fine! Just fine!"
"...All right, no I'm not."

Weiss "stands up" and hops along on the floor...

"It seems some headstrong idiot has decided to push me beyond my limits. I should have taken that job as a cookbook when I had the chance..."
"Weiss, I'm sorry. I..."

Weiss floats back into the air...

"Only joking. ...I hate cookbooks."
"Let's go, out of my way! I have one final task to fulfill."
"Where are you going?"

"Why, to stop him, of course."

"But after that, it's up to you. Only you can see this battle to its conclusion. I wish you friend."
"...You can't! I swore to fight by your side!"
"Bah! You are an exceedingly stubborn man. You know that, don't you?"

"Perhaps that's why I've so enjoyed our time together. But I fear this is where our journey ends."

"Oh, and remember what I told you about using my full name?"
"Well, forget it. I've grown rather fond of Weiss."
"...Weiss. I knew you'd come around."

<chuckle> Don't let it go to your head now..."

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