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Part 119: Episode CXII: Ending B - "Lingering Memories"

Episode CXII: Ending B - "Lingering Memories"

Music: The Shadowlord's Theme ~ Version 2

"I have something to defend! I have a reason to live!"

Music: The Shadowlord's Theme ~ Version 3

Music: The Shadowlord's Theme ~ Music Box Version

Music: Snow in the Summer (Choir)

"Yonah... All I brought you was pain... Years of painful, lingering memories... I couldn't do it... I couldn't rescue you... I'm so sorry... I failed... Your father failed..."

Nier runs over to his daughter...

"Here, Dad! You can have this cookie."
"I don't need it. I'm already full."
"But...that's what you said yesterday. You haven't been eating anything, have you?"

"Come on. At least take half."

Prologue Nier and Yonah sit down on the cold broken supermarket floor and enjoy their cookie together...

"Hey, Dad."

Music: Nouveau

"Oh, here! I brought your half."

"Wow, that was crazy! I can't believe how well my sister's body holds up..."

"Oof. Unh... Kinda...hard to move...when you're just a head."

"I wonder where everybody is? I can't wait to see them again!"

"But before that can happen, there's some stuff I gotta do first..."

"Like finding a body. Or at least some legs."

Emil rolls off into the desert...

"I sure hope Kainé and Weiss haven't killed each other yet. I swear, you leave 'em alone for one minute..."

Ending B
(It's a goddamn ending! Yes, you should watch it!)

Music: Ashes of Dreams ~ Nouveau