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Part 12: Episode XII: Hook

Episode XII: Hook

Right, then... Now where were we...?

Music: Aerie Battle

Ah yes. A giant Lovecraftian horror Shade was descending upon us. I guess they do come in varieties other than second-rate Heartless from Kingdom Hearts. Terrific.

Our lingerie clad enemy seems to be rather pissed at the appearance of the interloper disrupting the girl getting her ass handed to her by a talking book and a big angry shirtless brute.

Meet the second boss of Nier: Hook. Named after Captain Hook of Peter Pan fame. I am not sure what a one handed pirate menaced by delinquent children wearing tights has to do with a two story tall lizard scorpion thing but...what the hell? I mean, it could be referencing the crocodile that ate his hand. But then I remember the rest of the bosses in the game and recall all of them have fuck all to do with their titles.

Hook has a fairly basic attack pattern. First up, he'll vomit a load of energy orbs in Nier's general direction. These are all easily evaded or blocked. As I mentioned earlier, you can also slash energy orbs and it will regain Nier's magic meter. Though, our early weapons have piss poor range and it is quite easy to fudge a combo and take half a health bar worth of energy blasts to the skull.

"He's mine, you idiots!"
"It would appear that we are not the focus of her anger."
"Doesn't look like it."
"This will be your most difficult battle to date! Ready your guard!"
"Die! Die, die, die! I'm gonna pull out your teeth and cram 'em up your ass!"
"That woman has a fouler mouth than one would expect!"
"...Actually, that's about what I expected."

While the creature's entire body is vulnerable to magic, it's best to focus on the legs when going in for melee hits. That said, the abomination also has several attacks to knock Nier back if he gets greedy and pounds away for too long. They include techniques such as puking lightning...

And just plain good old fashion pounding the ground to produce unblockable shockwaves. Shockwaves need to be double-jumped over to avoid damage. Hook usually telegraphs when it will do one by lifting its arm for a few seconds. It's best to retreat a few yards back and wait for the bongo barrage to conclude.

Eventually, an Attack Gauge will appear by one of the monster's hands. Nier will have to take out a hand in such a fashion at 75% and 50% health depletion against the boss.

About midway through the battle, Hook will begin coughing out hairballs spherical Shades. These are mostly just there for a quick boost in the magic gauge as they all die in a single hit.

That said, leaving them unattended for too long will cause the bouncy ball Shades to start pouring out a stream of energy orbs that could be trouble if unnoticed.

And, that's about all there is to Hook. When its health is particularly low, it will start spamming the hell out of the shockwave attack for about ten seconds straight. If you weren't great a double-jumping by this point, you'll be a damn champ by the end of the battle.

When the lizard-scorpion-turkey waddle's health is fully depleted, it will collapse to the ground and allow Nier to perform a finisher on it. About time.

Nier attempts a repeat of the old reliable "slam a half dozen Dark Lances into jerkass monster's face" which proved quite effective against our previous foe.

Sadly, a gigantic angry lizard with multiple testicles hanging off its gullet is slightly more hardy than a giant head statue with stubby limbs. Thus, the finisher just kind of pisses off Hook with no real results otherwise.

Hook realizes it is within Cutscene Land™ and attempts to just crush the shit out of prick that is lobbing energy spears into its forehead.

Lucky for Nier, his former enemy rushes in to push him out of the way.

And by "push him out of the way", I of course me "kick him full force in the face". I guess that is a type of push...

"I told you to stay outta the way!"

Our new eldritch abomination buddy interrupts any further semi-hostile banter by continuing its stride in realizing it is in Cutscene Land™ and punch's the silver-haired lady full force in the tits. Well, that's just plain rude...

I guess that lingerie really does give pretty great back support...

Ms. Underwear Model doesn't take kindly to be punched in the boob and retaliates by Hadokening Hook so hard his eye explodes. Huh, I guess he has a slight bit of a clearer relationship with his namesake...if only in the asymmetrical body features due to grievous violent injuries department.

Apparently, that Shinkuu Hadoken depleted what was left of the Street Fighter enthusiast's energy bar and she promptly collapses.

Hook takes the opportunity to run off with its tail between its legs, much to the dismay of our fallen ally.

Welp, I guess that is one way to end a battle...

The Black Scrawl-like symbols on the woman's arm fades away. Grimoire Weiss has a bit to say as to the reason behind that.

"This one has been possessed by a Shade. She exists as neither fully human nor other."
"I guess half-human is better than no human at all. But if that part goes, I'll cut her down like all the rest."

On the plus side, it seems Hook's eye contained the Dark Hand Sealed Verse. I am not sure how that works but...hell, I'm not complaining. Using arcane magical energies to just punch the living shit out of some fool has never been a negative in my book.

Some time later...

Music: Kainé's Theme

It seems Nier was nice enough to drag the fainted girl over to her err...half-tent and wait for her to regain consciousness. Caim probably just would have kicked her until she woke up. I miss Caim.

"Why did you save me?"
"Because you're human."
"Apparently you don't see too well."
"We've not the time to debate your humanity, woman!"
"Look, you're half-human. I'm being followed by a talking book. Let's call it even."
"...My name's Kainé."
"Ah! A name we heard back in the village."
"Look, nothing good is gonna happen if you stick with me. Why don't you take off?"

Sensing he is going to get nothing but the cold shoulder, Nier does just that...

"I'm hunting that thing. You stay the hell away from it. Now, get lost..."

"I could deal with one, but both...?"
"Which would you prefer, then...?"
"If I had my way...? Easily chopped in half with minimal moral ambiguity."
"Well, good luck with that..."

"Yeah, yeah."

Hook Full Boss Battle

Aerie Conclusion

Music: Aerie Battle
Music: Kainé's Theme

Kainé Illustration