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Part 120: Episode CXIII: A Final Request

Episode CXIII: A Final Request

Welcome back to the final chapter of NIER. Endings C and D require the completion of the previous two endings. And like NIER's predecessor, Drakengard, the collection of all 30 weapons in the game's world is also required. Luckily, we already completed that task way back in the first playthrough. So, it's just a matter of speed running the game one final time and defeating the Shadowlord again to get to the new ending sequence.

As a little aside, I fully upgraded Hymir's Finger Iron Will. Look at that thing! It's bigger than Nier now! It clips right through the floor when it's strapped to his back. It's ridiculous. Anyway, let's get on with the final verse...

Everything proceeds just as before. Things pick up just after Ending A concluded with Nier and Yonah staring out the window...

"Well, ain't that precious?"
"Heh. I'm happy for 'em."

Kainé turns and walks toward the exit. Well, more stumbles really. Her body begins to cover with the Black Scrawl markings...

"You know, Sunshine, that Black Scrawl has almost completely taken you over."
"Yeah. I know."

"But goddamn, we had fun, huh? Killing and killing and more killing... What a rush!"
"Yeah...? Ngh..."

Kainé starts freaking out and clutching her arm. I don't think this is gonna end well...

"Wait... No. No, no, no! It wasn't fun at all! I turned you into a killing machine! I spread evil and chaos around the world! But it all feels so empty now! Why!? I don't understand!"

"Sorry, Sunshine. Maybe I'm just nicer than you thought."
"Stop! Don't treat me this way! I hate it when people are nice to me!"

"Gonna swallow you whole!"

Nier decides to finally check to see what's going on with Kainé moaning and freaking out behind him for the last two minutes. There must have been something really damn interesting out that window...

"Listen to me. The Shade inside me is growing, and I can't stop it. Soon... Real soon... I'm gonna go berserk."
"I can't hold it back anymore..."
"Kainé, you have to fight! You have to-"
"Just shut up and listen to me!"

Kainé falls to her knees...

"Emil is gone, all right? So there's no way anyone can stop me."

"Please...before it comes to that..."

"I want you to kill me."

"Consider it...a final request."

Time for the true final boss of NIER: Kainé. What, you thought Cavia was gonna give you that Emil epilogue and not make you pay for it...? Bwahhaha!

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