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Part 138: Stories from NIER - Around the World in 80 Days

Stories from NIER - Around the World in 80 Days

Jumping and spinning, a traveling head.
Flying and circling, but still a head.

Day 1

Walking on the desert is such hard work. Ah! I'm getting buried again! Gah! Oh well... At least landing on the sand wasn't bad. Imagine if I had land on rocks! Gosh, I get goosebumps just thinking about it. Well, if I could get goosebumps... Even my sister's body may not be strong enough to survive that kind of fall. Those people in Facade are really something to be able to walk on these sands barefoot like it's no problem. Speaking of which, even Nier had some trouble walking on the sand, he is still a lot faster than me right now. Looks like I need to find a way to restore my body.

Hmm, what should I do? It's just sand everywhere! Could I use magic to create a body using sand? No wait, how can I even use magic without my hands..? And I don't even have a staff. Oh dear. How troubling… No no no! There's no use just standing around and do nothing. to speak. I'll try it! Maybe it'll be easier than I think. Even if I don't have my staff. Or hands. Or anything. I just need to concentrate on my magic…


…………Oh cool! I got the sand to move. Looks like my magic has nothing to do with my hands and staff. Yay! I should be able to make a body now, and I can walk around like normal…

Eh? AH! It sunk! My head sunk into my body! Ahh… Oh no, it fell apart… Looks like sand isn't strong enough after all. Oh well, as long as I can use magic, that's a start. I should be able to restore my body if I had some stronger materials to work with. I'll just keep trying!

First I need to get out of the desert. It'd be nice if I can just roll around on dirt. Oh no! I'm getting buried again!

Day 9

I'm finally out of the desert! I've had enough staring at the same brown scenery every single day for like a week. I'm finally on top of something that isn't sand. This time it's rocks and it's really sturdy too. But it's really bumpy and too uneven, it's so hard to move around! Ow! I bumped my head. This is different from the desert. If I continue to knock around like this, it'll just chip away at my HP. I really need to make a body or I'm gonna be in trouble. Its rocks everywhere, so I should be able to make a strong body this time around.


It's so hard to do magic without my staff. I miss that thing. I wonder what happened to it. I hope nobody got hit by it when it went flying... Hmm... I wonder if I can use my voice instead to control it? It'll be a bit weird, but I don't care as long as I can use magic. Okie dokie. Good! I'll make a strong body this time! I need to get back to the others. Kainé and Weiss must be fighting again by now. You can't leave those two alone for-

Eh? I-I can't move?! Why?!

………Oh dear. This body. It's way too heavy. I can't budge!

Day 17

I've finally gotten out of that rock field. Thanks to the experience, my head took quite a beating. I'd be nothing but a buncha bruises if it wasn't for my sister's body being so strong. But it's no use talking about it now. Gotta keep moving.

The ground that I am on is pretty nice, the dirt and grass is just right to roll around on safely. I'm so happy! There is even a beautiful lake here. Unlike the Northern Plains, there are some waterfowls here. I wonder what their names are? I'll need to go look 'em up later. They must be able to live peacefully without any Shades around. I have a good feeling that I can find some nifty raw material here for a new body.

What should I make? I need something that can support my head, but not so heavy that I can't move around. Something light… Something light… Oh I got it! What about the birds' feathers? I've read that bird feathers are made out of keratin. It's pretty soft stuff, but if I collect a bunch of them and fix them with together with magic, then it should be strong enough to get me around. And more important it's light! If I want to move quickly, I need to go with something that's lightweight! Plus I could make some wings. How awesome would that be?!

There are so many waterfowls here, so there should be a lot of feathers falling off naturally when the fly around, right? If I just wait in the downwind, I should be able to get a bunch of feathers. Alright then, I need to just pick a good spot and wait for the wind to come. This is gonna be great!

Day 24

It doesn't work. Not a single feather has floated down here! Maybe it isn't the season for them to grow new feathers? Darn it! I guess there is no choice. I need to forcefully take them! I need to catch the birds and pluck out their feathers! No, I won't be too cruel. I'll just take a few and leave them enough feathers to fly still. They've gotta bunch. They can share a few. Birds of a feather flock together and all.

Okay... Let's go! Charge!


Eh! could I catch any birds without hands?! Oh geez, I gotta pay attention. Oh no! I fell into the lake.


*pants* I almost drowned from that. Oh dear, my entire body...err...well I guess just my entire head is soaking wet. Hmm... Would ya look at that... I can float! Even though I'm just a head, I seem to be still able to swim. I never tried before. Next time Nier falls into the water, I should be able to jump in and help out. Yay!

Day 26

In the end, I only got a tiny amount of feathers. I probably only got enough to make myself a single finger. I guess that plan isn't gonna fly. Hehe. Get it? Hmm... Maybe I should just make some clothes first. Appearances are very important too! Though it, it would kinda suck that the clothes would smell like birds. Wet birds. That might put people off... I'll need to think this ov-

Eh? Why is a wolf there?! Why's it staring at me like that. I'm not edible! I said I'm not the birdies' friend! Ahhh! Run away!

Oh man! That was scary. Good thing my head is okay, the only thing that got taken away is the feather dress. Well, what was gonna be the feather dress. I decided on a dress. I'm only a head, after all. It's not like I can wear pants! I wonder why the wolf took that. It can't even eat feathers. What a silly wolf. But don't wolves live back in the desert? Is it separated from the pack? It doesn't look like it belongs to the same pack as the scary ones that attacked the Facade. Maybe they're cousins.

Day 31

Oh geez! It's here againnnnnn! No, wait this isn't a wolf. It's some other huge beast... What's it called? This feline carnivore... I know I've seen it in a book before. I forget the name. A tiger? No those have stripes. A cougar? No I don't think so. Maybe it's a...wait what am I doing? No there is no time for this! I gotta run! Or I will really be eaten! If I got hit by those sharp claws, even sister's body would be a goner!

Ahhhhh! It's catching up!


Eh? I'm not eaten? It's just rolling me around. Oh it's doing it again.

W-wait, it's using me as a toy? I guess he's pretty playful.

I don't care, stop rolling me around! I'm not a ball! Oh dear, I'm getting really dizzy!

Hey, couldn't I just use magic to fly away!?

Alright, that worked. I escaped. I'm still really dizzy though. Maybe this isn't the safest condition to fly...

Day 33

I've been thinking back at what I was doing this whole time. I should've figured out that I could fly with magic long ago. I could've saved myself from getting banged up in that rock field and I could have left the desert quicker. Oh well, live and learn. I've also been thinking about the issue with finding materials. The idea of using a single type of raw material is all wrong. We needed so many different materials when we were strengthening weapons at the Two Brothers Armory in the Junk Heap. Not that I really wanna go back to the Junk Heap. That place is weird. It really creeps me out every time I look into the younger brother's eyes. I heard he cut off his own arm and replaced it with that metal one. I wonder if the rumor is true?

Speaking of which how should I collect raw materials? I guess I should look around and try to find some on the ground, or picking them up by the sea. It's important to put some work hard on this new project! I really gotta put some elbow grease into it. Or whatever the rolling head version of that is...

Day 59

I don't even see the lake anymore. I guess I've traveled pretty far. I've been going to a bunch of new places. Even if I haven't been around the world yet, I must have been at least a quarter around it. I thought it would be safer to fly at first, but it's surprisingly dangerous! Not only are there crazy birds up here, there are also flying Shades with wings. Yikes! Of course, I could always fight them off with magic.

Still, I've got my luggage to worry about…all those raw material I collected… the more I am carrying, the harder it is to fight. I need to use magic to carry my luggage, to keep myself flying, and to attack the enemies. I need to do all three things at once! I overexerted myself so much the other day that my eyes shot out lasers!

But there is too much to carry and fly with now, so I'm just rolling around the place. I found some iron ore, natural rubber, clay, and all sorts of other materials around. Over by the sea, I found some drifting wood and an awesome black pearl. But that fight with the giant spider I found in a cave sure was scary.

Day 66

It's Seafront! I'm finally here! And I'm so close to Nier's village as well. I've gotten a bunch of raw material along the way too. I just need to fly there right now. Oh I want to see again Nier right now! And Kainé and Weiss.

Eh? W-Why are there a bunch of seagulls flying towards me?! Maybe they think I'm invading their territory?! No no no it's a misunderstanding! Don't come! It's hard enough carrying all this stuff! Oh no!


I fell in the water at the end. Never thought the seagulls would be so violent. This is awful! If I've gotten soaked with nasty sea water. I'm gonna be all sticky even if I dry off. And all my stuff is soaked too. Oh hey! Isn't that one of those rusted bucket that Nier used to strength his weapon? Maybe I can use this to strengthen my body as well.

Diving in the sea once in a while is kind of fun. Wow! What kind of fish is that! Oh right, I remember. It's the Dunkleosteus. Nier had a lot of trouble catching this fish before. It was a challenge for him even after he received all that training from that weird old fisherman guy.

Huh? No! I'm not edible! My head is really hard, you'll break all your teeth! Eh! It wants to swallow me whole? Noooooo!

………Thank goodness I survived. I really need to create my body so I don't have to run into these kinda situations anymore. This is getting ridiculous!

Day 80

Alrighty! I should be able to finally put together a body with all this material I've collected. I hope I can make something that is powerful and cool. Everyone's gonna be like "WOW!" Okay let's get started! I just put the material on the floor and concentrate…



………W-what's going on? I've gotta bad feeling about this? Why is that clock smoking?! Oh dear... There are sparks flying out of the pyrite?! Did I mess up?! Ah it's burning! It's burning! The old book is burning! It looks like it'll blow up?! This is bad! Ahhhhh!!!

Ow ow ow………how did…. Looks like I flew really far. Wait t-this… isn't this the desert! I got flung to the beginning again? Oh Sebastian was right when he said I am only good at messing things up. It turns out he was being serious. How would I be able to restore my body if this keeps up? Kainé and Weiss are gonna kill each other if I don't hurry up. Kainé is so unstable and Weiss can't stop arguing with people.

I need to get a move on! I want to see Nier soon!

First I need to get across the desert… Oh well… Here we go again...