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Part 139: Stories from NIER: Ending E – The Lost World

Stories from NIER: Ending E – The Lost World


“Geez... You ingrates still ain’t satisfied with all this? I’m glad humanity is dying out if you needy little assholes are all that’s left. Bwah hah hah! Aaaaaanyway... Well, I guess I could give ya one last story for the road... For old time’s sake. Don’t say Uncle Tyrann never did anything for ya! Alright, it all happened a few months after that last ending...”

“Goddamn no good bullshit nightmares! I’m never gonna get any sleep like this... Tyrann is gone... The Black Scrawl is gone... But, there’s still something missing... That girl from the Shadowlord’s Castle, Yonah, looks so familiar but... Dammit! I can’t remember why. Oh well, I got her back to her village. I’m sure she’ll be okay. I’m gonna go blow off some steam and kill some Shades. This is really starting to piss me off.”

“Oh wow. I was asleep for five whole years...? I wonder what I missed.”
“OH GODS! WHAT HAPPENED TO DEVOLA AND POPOLA?! There’s a bill collector here for services rendered repairing town infrastructure. I don’t even know what that means!
“The Shades are amassing for another offensive! What do we do?!”
<cough> “H-Hey...did...umm...did anyone happen to find a cure for the Black Scrawl in the last few years...?”
“The end is nigh!”
<cough> <cough>

“So Sunshine heard there were a buncha Shades causin’ a ruckus over at the Forest of Myth. So she headed over there to kill some. Since that’s a productive way to vent anger. Just ask whatshisname before he was wiped from existence for doing just that like an ignorant mook! The problem was the forest was kinda gone. Or at least it didn’t look like a forest no more. It looked more like if a hippie designed a huge computer network. Ya know. Cables and wires everywhere but trees and crap for ‘em to wrap around. Machine oil and sap all over. Real dopey mess.”

“The hell is this?”

Kainé wanders to the biggest tree in the forest and suddenly vines, cables, wires, and metal wrap together in the shape of a human all FATE from Chrono Cross like...

“Hello, I—“
<decapitates wire monster>

The body falls apart and re-forms a distance away.

“How rude. Allow me to introduce myself. I am 0100001101100001011101100110100101100001, the Overseer of this installation.”
“0100—what kind of name is that?”
“I see. You do not understand the language my name is in. Very well, you may call me anything you like, whether it is Overseer or Young Man or whatever you please.”
“That is also acceptable. Now then, it appears there are several topics you do not understand at present. What would you like to know about this installation?”
“I will provide a list of suitable topics from my database to assist your query. A.) About the forest. B.) About myself. C.) About the future. Please select one.”
“O...kay... Tell me ab—“
“Answer O not recognized. Beginning explanation A: About the ‘Forest of Myth’. The forest installation is a vast computer network where the ancient people of the old world studied the demonic element, Maso, and quantum physics relating to several sub-systems of the World Restoration plan. At current, the facility is entering its final phase and beginning the shut down sequence. I am afraid I cannot allow this sequence to be interrupted.”

A swarm of drones like those from the Junk Heap appear and attack Kainé. The Overseer continues...

“On the second topic: about myself. I am the Overseer of this installation. My records show you have recently been in contact with Project Gestalt component Grimoire Weiss. My existence is not unlike his was. It is my duty to maintain the demonic element, Maso, for distribution and maintenance of both Project Gestalt and the Replicant System as well as vital information gathering for the final phase of the project. However, recently the Original Gestalt has been terminated and my supply of purified Maso to maintain Gestalt relapse has halted. Also, Project Gestalt components Grimoire Noir and Grimoire Weiss have also been terminated, rendering the final phase of Project Gestalt unobtainable. In addition, my administrators for distribution of the Replicant System, Observer #21 and Observer #22 have also been terminated. No further Replicants for this sector will be produced unless they are brought back online. Furthermore, since key components of Project Gestalt have been destroyed, the production of further generations of Replicants lacks any purpose and the system will cease function.”

Several P-33 Drones appear and attack Kainé. They trigger a memory...

“This thing... I thought this the Junk Heap. With Emil and...someone... But, who was it...? Dammit, why can’t I remember?!”
“Hmm... So that is your reason for being here?”
<chuckle> “I shall tell you why you are here and that person you cannot remember if you can defeat this child.”

The Overseer summons a drone that looks exactly like Kainé. Indeed, it probably IS an incomplete Kainé... The thing can make Replicants and all...

“On the final point: the future. As I said earlier, Project Gestalt is a failure. The Replicant System is no longer necessary. This world’s has no future. There is no longer a need for machines or what little scraps of humanity clinging on to a wasted existence. I have lost my reason to exist. The plan has failed.”

Four-armed Emil out of fucking nowhere!

“Emil?! You’re alive?!”
“It’s a really long story. You wouldn’t believe it. First I got blasted through the air into the desert and I was just a head. It’s a good thing my sister’s body is so durable or else I’d be in trouble! Anyway, I had to roll along and all sorts of crazy stuff happened while I was trying to get parts to build a new body. Like there were these ducks and I was trying to get some fea—“
“Emil! Maybe we can talk about this later!”
“Oh...right, Kainé! Sorry, I was just so excited to finally catch up with you! Let’s get this shithog!”

“So Skeletor and Sunshine fought the robot Kainé for a while. The cartoon skeleton noticed that the big ass tree Jimbo and the magazine had played ‘pay attention to the short story’ with was the power source of the forest, so they started beating the crap outta that instead. The machines, the trees, the ground, the yammering robot asshole all dissolved into a great big messy puddle as things fell apart.”

“Using the power of magic to fuse machines, human, and nature together. This was my world. Amazing! Amazing! A Replicant like you reaching this level! Witnessing the end of it all! Simply amazing!”

The overseer dissolves into the machine soup. Power cables and wires begin whipping around like a storm around the tree, lashing at anyone going near. Emil protects Kainé with a magic shield as she slashes her way toward the forest’s core. She drives her sword into the shimmering source of power as everything goes white and silence takes over...

Kainé feels that something special is in front of her. Something very special. She can vaguely make out the shape of a person...


Tears flow down Kainé’s face...

“.....go not...............come here....................don’t.....”

Kainé tries to grab onto him, but he slips away again...

“This is pissing me off! This is my life! I decide how I’m gonna live! I don’t need anyone telling me what to do! I was the one ready to die as your sword!”

The memory flashes in Kainé’s mind again as she struggles to move forward...

“I must, I must, I must get it back! I’ll get it back no matter what the cost! I swear it!”

Kainé feels someone push her from behind, helping her move forward...

“Stop screwing around! You think you can just up and vanish all by your goddamn self? You think you can just leave me behind like that? I am the one who gets to decide now and I say you get your ass back here! NOW PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR FUCKING ASS YOU ROTTEN BASTARD AND COME BACK!!”

..... .....
..... ..... .....

The white light dissipates and the clear blue sky returns. The Forest of Myth is gone. All that is left is a twisted molding of metal and plant. From afar, it resembles the shape of the Lunar Tear. At the stamen, Kainé is holding the one that she lost, locked in a deep slumber. He looks younger than before... Kainé looks up toward the sky and thinks back to the one that helped push her forward within the white light. She clearly heard a whisper with the push saying “I’ll leave this one to you...”

They meet again. Emil in a new body, an older Kainé, and a younger version of “him”...

Yes... His name is...