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Part 28: Episode XXV (Part 2): Closure...

Episode XXV (Part 2): Closure...

After mulling over the decision in his head for a bit, Nier decides to tell the old woman the truth...

Music: Dispossession ~ Piano

"Oh, posh! It's his handwriting! And I recognize the stationary, too!"
"That which you recognize comes from the town's postman and his father. Not your beloved."
"Are you saying those two idiots wrote all these letters? But...but why?"
"Your lover perished long years ago, and they hand not the heart to tell you. Thus, the charade."
"You don't have to apologize. To tell you the truth, part of me had suspected something like this. But it's hard to hear a secret thought finally spoken aloud. I...I think I should be alone for a while."

Nier turns to leave...

"You must forget we ever had this conversation. The entire town has worked on this story, and they did so to make me happy. I don't want their hard work to go to waste, so I will carry on as if I am none the wiser."
"As you wish."
"Please tell the postman...thank you."
"We will."
"And thanks to you as well."

Nier and Weiss leave...

Welp... I hope we did the right thing here. That was the very last quest currently available in Seafront. Let's go...check on Yonah or something...

At some later date...

Eventually, after going out adventuring for a while, a final quest will crop up for the Postman in Seafront. I think this is one of the few side quests that must actually be initiated by speaking with Devola. At least, I have never had it trigger prior to that.

Oh well...let's go take one last trip to Seafront...

Sidequest: Closure

Music: Seafront Room

"We found her in her bed with a...a smile on her face. So I guess you didn't tell her, huh?"
"I told her the truth..."
"Thank you... I think you did the right. Hard to believe she's gone. I always figured the old girl would outlive me... I hope our plan was right. I hope it made her happy in the end."

Nier leaves the post office...

"Life is hard, and it seems the right thing is rarely the happy thing."
"Pah! It's only as complicated as you choose to make it! Was the old woman happy? Unhappy? Who can say!? One can never know for true. You simply make your best attempt and move on."

Seafront Closing

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