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Part 43: Episode XL: Yonah's Penpal

Episode XL: Yonah's Penpal

Alright, awesome. I found my sword!
"Truly, I am beside myself with relief... Which one?"
What do ya mean 'which one'? MY sword.
"You possessed several dozen swords, did you not?"
I possessed several dozen instruments of war, dragon. Not just merely swords!
<sigh> "Oh course not..."
I had ten short swords and knives, fourteen long swords, ten spears, four staves, six axes, eight pole arms, nine maces, and four hammer! All awesome murder tools that took a long goddamn time to find and they're all gone!
"I thought you said you found your sword?"
Yeah, MY sword. I found all my axes smashed to shit, most of my maces cracked and broken, the only hammer I found was stuck in some big metal box I couldn't yank out, and I can't find a damn bit of my spears or other big fuck-off swords. This is a goddamn rotten deal, dragon.
"Other than us getting killed...?"
"Well, perhaps we at least succeeded in stopping the grotesqueries' assault on our world."
The wha...?
"The 50 foot tall nude cannibal infants...?"
Oh... Those fuckers... Nah, we didn't do shit to stop those.
"Hmm? Did we not defeat the queen beast before unfortunate incidents involving exploding projectiles...?"
Well yeah, we fucked up that stupid thing's day. We still left like a few hundred of those creepy bastards back in our world. Who was gonna mop that shit up with us gone? That runt and his big retarded rock dude? Old man baldy maybe gonna piss his pants so hard it's gonna drive 'em off?
"Hmph... I hadn't considered that..."
While we're on the subject of worlds getting fucked up... I...think we kinda did a number on wherever the hell shithole we ended up in...
"Indeed. I believe we've established this is not the land of the gods."
No shit...
"So where are we?"
"Bwahaha. You had it right with the shithole part..."
And who the fuck are you...?

Music: Village Room

Alright, no avoiding it any longer. Let's continue with the main quest. Time to go report back to Popola with our findings from the Forest of Myth.

"Yeah. Dealing with all those words was a pain in the ass."
"Even I, with my natural love for words, have no desire to visit that place ever again."
"You guys did well."

Nier turns to leave...

"I almost forgot. Yonah was looking for you."
"She said she needed something from you. Time to go play daddy for a bit, huh?"
"Yeah, I guess so. Thanks, Popola."

Right then, let's go visit Yonah. The last time was uhh...a while ago...

Returning home...

"Popola said you needed something?"
"I need a favor."
"What is it?"
"Yonah? I can't help if you don't tell me."
"Yeah, I guess..."
"Yonah? Please. Out with it."
"I need you to help my friend!"
"Your friend?"
"I have a friend and he sent me a letter and now I need you to help."
"Someone wrote you a letter?"
"A pen pal! How delightful!"
"So who is this friend?"
"Um, well, he's kinda-"
"It's a guy!?"
"Yes, and he's sick and in a whole lot of trouble!"

"Tell me about this guy."
"He lives in this really big house down south, and he's super nice, and he's my friend. You have to help him, Dad! Please?"
"Yonah, listen..."
"Great. Now what do I do?"

We're given the option to blow off Yonah's request. But, it is a "But Thou Must..." situation with Yonah just guilt tripping you forever until Nier caves.

"Yaaaay! Thank you, Dad! Thank you!"

Nier leaves the house grumbling to himself...

"You should tread with caution. This lad may be your future son-in-law."
"Weiss! We are NOT discussing this!"

So, it is time to venture forth to the final dungeon and POINT OF NO RETURN for Part 1 of NIER. The game fails to give any indication that this is indeed a great cut-off point for quests and the like for the first part of the game. But, I am telling you now. Once you enter the Spencer Estate, there is no turning back from the world of survival horror. Also, you'll immediately be railroaded into future events immediately thereafter.

So I will repeat: THERE IS NO TURNING BACK FROM HERE! The woods are immediately flooded with Cerberuses and Brad Vickers has flown off with the only ride back to town until we blow up the Tyrant on the heliport.

Alright, we on the same level here? Let's do it!

Ergh...what...happened to all the color in the world...?

...Uhh... Alright. That probably isn't the best of signs when journeying somewhere new. Nothing to worry about.

Why, there is some helpful fellow waiting outside the house. Uhh...kind of strange he knew we'd be here considering Yonah probably got that letter over a week ago. But, okay... Let's see what he has to say...

"Please, right this way."

Ya know...maybe we should have just...I dunno... Asked to see the letter Yonah received from the anonymous boy instead of going directly to "help him" in his creepy ass monochrome mansion on the hill...

Just throwing that out there...

Devola and Popola Outfit Concept Art