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Part 49: Episode XLVI: Shit Just Got Real

Episode XLVI: Shit Just Got Real

Music: Kainé's Theme ~ Escape

Somehow, I think this party is just getting started...

Nier, Weiss, and Kainé rush into the Library...

The library is filled to the brim with about fifty Shades. Emil has been holding the line in here protecting the villagers while we've been out brawling with Jack. I think Emil has earned his status as a certifiable little badass.

"I must... There is no other choice... I can't remember...why I came here..."
"Get out of there, Emil!"
"No! I refuse to abandon these people now! You told me once that my eyes had value, and that I shouldn't be ashamed of them! You told me that even a life such as mine had purpose! I won't just sit around and let you fight while I stay behind!"
"Just don't die on me."
"I won't, Kainé! Let's take care of this shit-hog!"
"I like it!"

The first time I played the game I managed to get the 100-hit combo achievement while absolutely wrecking the entirety of these Shades' day. It felt pretty damn greatly appropriate.

Several dozen brutalized Shades later...

Music: The Dark Colossus Destroys All (Instrumental)

Oh for fuck sake!

This dickhead STILL isn't dead yet?! Are you kidding me?!

Urgh... I guess Jack is a dickhead in more than one way... Good to know Shades are anatomically correct in the most ass backwards way possible.

Jack of Hearts wastes no time in taking out the kid with the overpowered stone gaze. Though, it seems Emil's stone powers aren't particularly effective on larger creatures. Maybe it is just pissed he'd been killing more than a few of his friends this whole time.  Though most likely, they just needed an excuse to take Emil out of the battle since he has zero offensive ability beyond that attack... 

Welp, time for a rematch. We really should have stuck around for a minute to make sure the body melted like the rest of the Shades, shouldn't we...?

"He's healing too quickly!"
"We need a better plan."

All five of Jack's tentacles each possess an Attack Gauge which acts like a health meter. All of 'em need to be taken out to even slow down the creature a bit for the next phase.

"-there. Those walls are thick rock; I doubt even this beast could break them."
"Works for me."
"Great! I love basements!"

The only two attacks the Knave possesses in its new form is a general tentacle whip alongside a whirlwind attack. The former is both easily avoided and rarely utilized. While the latter can be a bunch of trouble since it will easily juggle a good chunk of Nier's health if he's stuck in a corner when the whirlwind begins.

After several rounds of beating the will finally be stunned long enough for one last ditch effort Finisher...

Alright, shit-hog!


WILL... YOU... NOT...



Kainé rushes over and slams the door shut behind the monster.

Nier jogs over to help bar the door. I guess Popola gave him the keys to the basement that we never get to ent-


...Oh dear.

That's a mean cutscene injury... What kind of cheating boss leaves spike traps in its blood puddles?

Nier stumbles over and faceplants thanks to his wound. But, there are bigger things to worry about at the moment... what in the hell is that thing?!

The new humanoid Shade zips around in the air about the Library for a bit before coming to a stop at the entrance. This time with a new friend in tow.


Several more Shades arise from the spilled blood of the subdued and forced basement dwelling boss and march toward the Shade holding Yonah captive.

"Is that the leader of these creatures?"

Welp, at least it would appear that we found Grimoire Noir. At least that is something.

Too bad it seems to be less interested in being utilized in curing the Black Scrawl and more intent on Force Lightning the hell out of Nier and Weiss. This day just keeps getting better and better.

As usual, Kainé knows the score. However, Nier tells her to stay put and keep the door sealed.

"Finally... It's been a long time, Grimoire Weiss..."

Library Battle Highlights

Jack Round 2 Full Battle

Music: The Dark Colossus Destroys All (Instrumental)