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Part 57: Episode LIV: Papa Nier and the Deepground Diablo Labs

Episode LIV: Papa Nier and the Deepground Diablo Labs

Music: The Ultimate Weapon (Haunted Manor Battle)

What would a creepy survival horror mansion without a huge sprawling underground laboratory complex? For...whatever reason...this entire dungeon is played in an isometric view (that can be thankfully be rotated.) It is more or less like if you took an Umbrella Lab, gave it the décor of Deepground from Dirge of Cerberus, and filled it with enough enemies to make Diablo proud. Sure, why not?

And what would a laboratory complex dungeon crawler be without a multitude of Keycards to collect along the way?

Most every hub area is spaced by locked heavy doors which demand Nier hunts down their key before proceeding. Our goal is located at the B3 Basement. So this dungeon is a bit of a slog.

There are of course dozens upon dozens of Shades to slaughter in each room. Given the tight, narrow corridors, spears work wonders in this dungeon. There really isn't much room for dodging about in most rooms and the bulk of enemies are quick, come in huge numbers, and overrun Nier with sheer numbers. Just like any good dungeon crawler, really. The spears charge attack fixes all three problems quite easily.

Emil is joining us in the battle and as before, will provide support with his stone gaze. However, Nier cannot rush too far ahead. The kid is still blindfolded and is slightly slower than our burly hero. He usually keeps fairly close to Nier, so going too far ahead (and getting yelled at by Weiss) really doesn't come up all that often. Also, Emil is immortal so there isn't any need to treat him like an escort mission or the like.

Around half-way through the B1 Level, Nier will come upon a lovely new two-handed sword just hiding inside a wooden crate outside a warehouse.

The Fang of the Twins sword looks a bit silly, but it has the highest attack power of any of the weapons in our inventory, beating out the Kusanagi by a few ticks. But, as stated...this is a spear-centric area.

While I said the bulk of weapons in the latter half of NIER were newly created, there still are a few lenders in the group. This is one such time...

Fang of the Twins used to go by the entirely altered title of Twins' Fang. It was obtained by committing goblin genocide outside the sub-human coliseum during Seere's side chapter of being a dopey useless child.

I've also got an updated weapon tale. Let's have a look:

Grimoire Nier posted:


We had been together since birth. When we ate and when we slept and when we dreamed.

We received the same things as well. Mommy's breasts and daddy's gentle words.

But we died separately. Me at daddy's hands, my sister at my mother's hands. They cut off our heads, and we died apart.

But it's okay. Our blood mixed together and stayed on the same axe. We will always be together from now on. Two bodies will return to one.

Cavia's hatred for children status: STRONG!

Several rooms and corridors of dead Shades later...

At the end of the first sub-level, the trio will come upon a discarded document. This will be a reoccurring event during this dungeon crawl. Let's have a look...

Underground Research Record 2

Ho ho ho! Merry Mother of Christmas, what the hell is chained up in that photo?!

"This must have been where I was... Ngh! Urgh..."
"I'll...I'll be okay. We need to keep going. I'm sorry..."

The party heads further underground...

* Insert 10-15 minutes of rather mindless button mashing down narrow hallways and between laboratory equipment here.*

At the end of the B2 Labs, Nier will have to battle a mini-boss. This is basically a beefed up version of the mini-boss from the final trial of the Barren Temple. Its only new additions is a ground pound attack with a huge area of effect and the ability to block most all frontal melee attacks. And of course, the standard upped health and damage output.

That said, it is pretty easy to defeat. Dark Hand absolutely demolishes its health bar and the brute is unable to block it from any direction. Failing that method, just dodging behind it and spamming spear thrust charges works swimmingly.

After the mid-boss is slain, it will allow access to a keycard opening the stairs to the lowest level of the Manor basement. Yet another mysterious discarded file waits on the floor.

Underground Research Record 3

Urgh...why is there a picture of Seere and Manah Emil and...a girl that looks remarkably like Emil from 1340 years ago...? This is getting a bit unsettling...

"Something from the old world, I guess."
"Nnnghh... What was I...doing here...?"
"I have doubts as to whether or not Emil will be able to continue."
"I'm fine! Let's just go."

Going down...

Well, I think we've reached the bottom floor. Nobody builds massive rooms with narrow catwalks leading toward a huge central chamber without some manner of ill omen to be found.

Insert another five minutes of grinding and keycard gathering either way...

Well, I think we found where they kept the Tyrant before it smashed out, massacred the scientists, and brutalized anyone else wearing sunglasses indoors at night and far too much hair gel. Or it's a playground for kids getting raped by the foul mistress that is science... One of the two...

This chamber has a huge gauntlet of Shades that pour in alongside a second mid-boss. This one is just another verse that is the same is the first.

Upon the family sized Shade's defeat, a final (albeit blood soaked) document will appear by the exit to the room....

Underground Research Record 4

Uh...huh... So're looking pretty youthful for being about 1300 and change years old. Have anything to say about that?

"I'm a...weapon? What does that even mean? ...What am I?"
"It seems as if he's trying to remember something."
"You're going to be okay."
"Am I? Am I really?"
"Your past makes no difference. We'll support you no matter what."
"At any rate, you would hardly be the first member of our merry band to have issues."

The documents also contained a keycard leading to the final stretch of the dungeon. Huh, the postal service is still operating in Deepground. Howabout that...

Alright, folks... Next stop Mako Reactor 0! Let's hope we do not have to fight a digital Inuart who's back from the dead via the Internet...

Underground Facility Highlights