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Part 58: Episode LV: Number 6

Episode LV: Number 6

Well, this doesn't seem too bad. There are no shirtless Dragonball Z rejects sitting on a throne at least...

Ergh... What am I looking at nailed to a wall here...?

That is a touch nightmarish, to say the least... I was thrilled to play this section the first time through about a half hour before going to bed.

Old man Emil gets rather concerned at seeing the presence of the skeletal corpse nailed and chained to the chamber wall.

"I remember now. I remember everything."

"We used to be humans. Normal humans."

"Just a bunch of regular human kids like you'd see anywhere."

"And then...we came here."

"They wanted to turn us into weapons..."

"So they used magic to perform terrible experiments on us. Eventually they succeeded. They managed to create a 'perfect' weapon."

"The name of that weapon was Number 6."

"But soon they lost control of Number 6, and the experiment was deemed a failure. They had to create a weapon that could petrify Number 6 and seal it away."

"...So they created me. I'm Number 7. I'm a...a weapon."
"Weapon or not, you're still just Emil to us."
"Thank you..."

So Emil is a weaponized Stone Magic user made from science back when the world was going to hell in a hand basket. And this big hulking skeletal rapeface corpse is presumably his twin sister, if those photos are anything to go on. Manah 2.0 certainly got the shit end of that stick...

"This is Number 6. She's...she's my sister."

Oh shit... Scratch the corpse part of that previous description...

"This thing is alive!?"

"My sister is the greatest weapon ever made...and..."
"Yes? What of it?"
"With her power behind us, I could eradicate my petrification curse."
"What do we do?"
"First you have to promise me something."
"If my sister somehow manages to swallow me up..."

Number 6 begins breaking free from its shackles...

"If my original self becomes lost..."

"I'm afraid I may try to hurt all of you."

Number 6 drops to the floor...

"And if that happens-"
"No! Don't!"

Music: Deep Crimson Foe

"I want you to kill me."


"You have to get him out of there now!"
"That's seriously still an option...?"
"But he just got dev-"

"I'm on it! We're not going to lose anyone else!"

Number 6 Cinematic
(You should probably watch this!)

Number 6 Concept Art