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Part 59: Episode LVI: Number 7

Episode LVI: Number 7

Music: Deep Crimson Foe

Time to take down Number 6 and free Emil...however the hell that works...

Number 6 is a gimmick boss. The gimmick being the abomination of magic and science is entirely invulnerable to physical attacks. This is both so we "don't hurt Emil", who's apparently just chilling out in the thing's stomach, and...well, the thing is just not harmed at all by melee strikes. So it is magic or bust for this battle.

"I know there is!"
"Stay your weapons! Such attacks will hurt Emil as well!"
"How is magic any different!?"
"The lad is highly resistant to it!"
"Then let's kill that thing with magic and get Emil out of there!"

No. 6 is all about the bullet hell energy orb spamming attacks. It has a stream of semi-homing, exploding variety it will spew in a wave toward Nier.

It has a massive overwhelming barrage it will fill the entire room with in little rhyme or reason.

It also has a slow motion version it will blast out in a circle from its body...

...just long enough to proliferate throughout the room before it unleashes a huge, extremely quick wave interspersed with the slow orbs.

When Emil's sister isn't regurgitating magical hairballs, it is very mobile. It leaps all over the sides of the room to resume its attack far off from Nier. The Dark Lance's time slowing aiming ability is quite the help in this instance.

When Number Six's health drops to 50%, she will begin clinging to the wall and attacking from up high.

As pictured. See that orb way out in front toward Nier? That one quick shoots directly where Nier is standing. That orb friggin' hurts. Despite looking the same as the rest of its hundreds of similar spherical energy based brethren, that one explodes on impact with the ground and creates a huge shockwave on the floor where it hits. Needless to say, Nier wants to avoid that shot.

As for the rest of the energy balls? Those are homing. All of them. It is a very bad idea to say in one place during this fight.

On a related note, blasting No. 6 with a full volley of Dark Lances will cause her to lose her grip on the chamber tiles and fall to the floor.

This will make her completely flip her shit and randomly shoot of dozens off shots scattered all about the room as she violently thrashes about trying to turn over from being knocked on her back. Apparently elongated 20-foot tall skeleton creatures are akin to violent turtles when flipped on their backside.

As a final note, Manah 2.0 also has a really silly looking dashing attack. By all accounts, she appears to farting out magical glyphs to propel herself about the room.

When Number 6's health is nearly depleted, it is a very good idea to wait for the MP Gauge to refill then pop a magic attack power buff. I don't think I've mentioned the buff items yet mostly because I almost never use 'em.

There are Strength (Attack Power), Magic (Magic Power), Defense (Physical Defense) and Spirit (Magic Defense) buffs. They come in Drop (30 second duration) and Capsule (60 second duration) variety. You can hold ten of each. There you are. Everything to know about buffs!

As I was saying, you want to buff Nier's magic attack at the end of the battle because it is quite easy to blow all the MP depleting No. 6's health and run dry for taking out the Attack Gauge after she falls. Failing to do this will let her regain about 1/5 of her health. I don't know about you, but I just want to kill this horrific thing ASAP. With a Magic Drop, even the piddlely little Dark Blast shots will be enough to take the meter out.

Nier goes with the classic Dark Lance approach. Seems appropriate, given how we initially found No. 6, eh?

Say cheese! At least No. 6 is loving this shit.

Number 6 says to talk to the hand cuz the rapeface don't wanna hear it.

It ends less than well for her... say the least.

Nier follows up with a giant fuck-off Lance. We haven't seen that Finisher since way back at the first boss of Act 1. I suppose it's appropriate to revive the oldie for the first boss of Act 2.

Music: Emil's Theme


"My sister...I..."

Music: Silence

"Are you all right?"
"I'm...still alive! I can feel my sister's power flowing!"

"I...I can control my abilities now!"
"Yes, we're all quite pleased. Now get out here already!"
"Just a second. I can't...I can't see very well."

"No! Don't!! Don't look at me!!"
"Emil, what's wrong?"
"Stay back!"

Nier ignores Emil's plea and approaches the vortex...

Uhh...? Oh... Oh dear...

"Good god."

Music: Dispossession ~ Piano Version

Well...hell...this is not exactly what I'd have expected from utilizing Emil's sister to control his power... Then again...I do not think this is at all what Emil expected either...

Nier gives the poor little bastard a hug...

Nier: "Welcome back, Emil. You've been through a lot."
Emil: "But body..."
Nier: "Yeah... I know."

Emil: <sniffle> "I can't stand to be with you when I look like this..."
Nier: "What did I tell you? We're here for you. No matter what."
Emil: <sobs>

"Can you see my face?"

" look just like I thought you would."

"You look really cool!"
"Ah, knock it off."

Nier helps Emil to his feet. No. 7 Emil can fly!

"I think I'm okay now."
"I know this is how I look now. I was terrified at first, but I think I'm okay with it. I have the magic I wanted, and I can use it to bring Kainé back to life."
"We should hurry. She's waiting. I sure hope seeing me doesn't petrify her. ...You know? In fear?"
"I see this transformation has not stolen your terrible sense of humor!"

And so we gain our third and final party member. The Mellow Companion: Number 7 ~ Emil.

Number Six Full Battle

Number Seven Cutscene
(You should really watch this! Seriously! Go watch it!)

Halua Concept Art - Fun fact: Halua, not Emil, was the third party member in early version of the game. Remember Sir Angelpigknight? Yup...that was post-transformation Halua...

No. 6 Halua and No. 7 Emil Poster