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Part 62: Episode LVIII (Part 2): The Fate of the Jewel

Episode LVIII (Part 2): The Fate of the Jewel

Alright, the votes are in. Looks like we are just going to see this quest to its initial completion.

"Well, all right. If that's what you think is best. I doubt the old girl would complain about it."
"She probably got the jewel in heaven anyway. Well...the next step is to visit the client, I suppose."

Nier returns to the questgiver...

"...Yeah, I did. It's right here."
"Oh, I have waited for so long! Your sterling reputation, sir, has clearly been earned! It's a precious memento of my grandfather. Here's your reward. Thank you!"

Nier receives a nice 10,000 gold reward and...that is it. No explanation as to how the Lighthouse Lady's lover and her grandfather are connected. Were they the same person? Did the departed steal it and send it to her love? Was the lady just full of shit? Who knows! What, did you expect some big revelation? Pfft. Lamer. The end...

"That thing must stir up some powerful memories."
"But it is far too late to bring it to her now."
"No, it's not."
"...I certainly hope so."