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Part 63: Episode LIX (Part 1): Mysterious Errands

Episode LIX (Part 1): Mysterious Errands

Music: The City of Commerce

Welp, that was rather anti-climactic, mmm? Oh well, they cannot all be winners. Anyhow, while we are farting around Seafront, let's go take a look at what other menial tasks for some quick cash are available.

Sidequest: Staying Afloat

"...That's not really how I'd phrase it. But if you've got the money, I've got the time."
"Dance! Dance for me! Ah ha ha!"
"No, I'm just kidding. Listen, I've got a boat that needs some repairs. Think you can round up some materials for me? I need five logs, twenty dented metal boards, and ten stripped bolts. I'd ask if you're up for it, but I know you are! Ah ha ha!"
"...You're really starting to piss me off."

"Is something the matter?"
"No, it's just that... Well, I've never left here before. I'm just wondering what it's like to see a new place. Someday I hope to take Yonah on a journey like this."
"And someday you shall!"

Well, we have more than enough Dented Metal Boards and we're just a few Stripped Bolts short. Those are for sale over at the Two-Brothers' Weaponry or an uncommon drop in the Junk Heap. Logs are a rare drop in the Southern Plains and for sale in the village for a nominal fee. No, just cutting down a tree or two is not an option.

So, it's not too much trouble at all to complete that quest. But, a trip to the Junk Heap is not happening at the moment. So, we'll let that simmer for a bit.

Next up we have...oh geez, not this seasick bozo again... Terrific!

Sidequest: Learning a Trade

"I can't give up my dreams that easily! Seasickness is terrible, but I've got a few tricks up my sleeve."
"Oh yeah? Like what?"
"Well, for one, I'm working on my own herbal cure! It's a bit of a work in progress, though. I'm not totally sure about the ingredients."
"...I see."
"Hey, I don't suppose you'd mind getting the ingredients for me, would you? You can get it from the strange-thing store in Facade. I wouldn't ask, but you're the only guy I know who can get in there."
"I can do that."
"Great! The item I need is a mandrake leaf."

Well, that doesn't sound too bad. We're going to need to make a list of all the crap we need from the strange-thing store at this point. And we're not going back to Facade yet so feh...

The next questgiver is located...oh...oh fuck my life...

Sidequest: The Fisherman's Gambit, Part 6

The Fisherman's Gambit is the only questline that survives both halves of the game. It can be started and completed in either half. Though, the second slew of quests do not trigger until Act 2.

That said, a fish that live in the sand...? Okay, that's a bit odd. But whatever... We'll get back to you on that one.

Next up is yet another visit to the Seafront Lighthouse. A man parked out front has a task for Nier.

Sidequest: The Masterless Lighthouse

"You used to be friends with the lighthouse lady, right?"
"As I remember it, we basically hated each other."
"Oh. ...Well, you at least talked to her, right? Could I ask you a favor?"
"What's the job?"
"The lighthouse is in good shape now, but it's going to wear out eventually; we'd like to have replacement parts ready. Can you get the parts from the Junk Heap? I'm sure the lighthouse lady would be appreciative, wherever she is."
"I can't believe I'm helping her again. ...But all right, I'll do it."
"Thank you. I think we'll need ten broken lenses and ten broken batteries. And while you're at it, ten mysterious switches would be nice, too."

Uuugh... How on earth is a switch ever "mysterious"? Buttons, sure. But switches? Come on! That's just silly talk.

That said, all three items are uncommon drops down in the Junk Heap and even if I wanted to go get 'em, I'm not going to do so right now. Can everyone stop asking me to go to the Junk Heap and the strange-thing store?!

Alright, there is one last quest in Seafront at the moment. And indeed, this is the only one that doesn't involve material grinding in the Junk Heap or treks across the desert. Let's have a look...

Sidequest: The Scattered Cargo

"I don't know about that."
"Oh, no need to be so modest. After all, I may have a job for someone with you particular...talents."
"I'm listening."
"I need you to retrieve some cargo from a ship that wrecked at sea. To recover it all would be a monumental task, so you should concentrate on three crates of particular importance. This cargo has likely washed ashore on all the far-flung corners of the world, so it will be a task of some difficulty. Can I count on your assistance?"
"Ah, excellent, excellent. Oh, and one more thing... Whatever you do, you must not unseal the cargo."
"Well, now I'm curious. Why can't I open it?"
"Well, there were some rather...unique products that I was shipping. If you were to see them, it might place me in something of a dilemma."
"Hey, you're the gal with the money. You don't want me to look? Fine. I won't look."

The cargo itself is not at all hard to locate. In fact, the first piece is washed up on the beach at the end of Seafront itself. Easy money.

The thing is that this quest has a decidedly large branching path. Unlike the previous quest with the jewel, this one has two entirely different outcomes, rewards, and even dialog depending on how Nier decides to handle said quest.

The crux of the branching path is a decision as to whether or not Nier will sneak a peek inside the cargo containers he is collecting. Nier is given the option with each crate to look inside or not. But, we're not doing any of that wishy-washy crap. Nier is sticking with one policy or the other. And I am shifting the onus of that decision to you jerks.

I leave it entirely in your hands once again. Bold your vote or I'm not counting it. I'm getting too old for this parsing vague replies shit.