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Part 74: Episode LXIX: Rise of the Machines

Episode LXIX: Rise of the Machines

Music: Junk Heap Field

Welp, I guess we ought to see Gideon's work on restoring Caim's old death dealer of choice. And of course, this less than mysterious request he has for Nier.

"Great. Thanks."

Aww yeah... Now that is more like it! Nice work kiddo. This sword is gonna get a nice work out real soon...

"...You were going to say?"
"I need to ask you for a favor."
"Oh, yeah?"
"I want you to avenge my brother!"
"That's a rather ponderous favor."
"It's my mission! It's why I've been creating these weapons for the past four years. I don't care about money! I only care about making a weapon strong enough to kill those bastards!"
"...What bastards?"
"The ones in the mountain! That little Shade and his robot!"
"There are Shades here!?"
"Your brother was killed by a Shade?"
"And what have we decided, mmm?"

As always, Nier proves to be a master of words. Our new goal seems clear: murder all robots! Sure, Gideon's tale about a Shade piloted robot is probably a line of shit to get Nier to go on a bloodthirsty rampage that just so happens to scrap half the Junk Heap. But meh... I don't think that is avoidable.

And that will, of course, require one final storyline required grind through the Junk Heap. No worries, this is the least painful visit yet.

Music: The Wretched Automatons

The gang is free to just dash straight to the B2 Basement. Our goal rests to the southern part of the area we neglected to explore on the first visit to the bottom level of the military base.

To reach the southernmost area of the said basement, Nier must take another top-down rail shooter ride along a mine cart. But, unlike the first ride we took on the B1 level, this time we have a new trick up our sleeves.

Dark Whirlwind! I have seldom made use of this dark art (read: never) since...well...most of the time it just kind of sucks. However, this is one portion of the game where it gets its chance to shine (unlike that eternally useless Dark Gluttony.) The Dark Whirlwind makes this next section trivial.

As the name suggests, Dark Whirlwind creates...well...a whirlwind of blood magic blades around Nier which quickly spin in circles for a decent chunk of time. Fully charged, they will both protect Nier from harm and wreck up any and all turrets along the path.

The fully charged version will only last about half the trip. But, the low level variety will also do a more than adequate job of swatting away any bothersome flies interrupting Nier's sightseeing. Yeah, it's pretty cheap. But, when you're farming for materials and doing this top-down section for the eighteenth time...the ability to just cheese past the damn thing is rather welcome.

At the end of the rail ride, Nier will find himself at the secondary section of the B2 level. This area is great for farming rare material, as it is just filled with flying drones and projectile drones. Plus there are a whopping three P-33 droids in this area. I marked them with a red X. The first one to the northeast is a mandatory fight to progress. But, the one due south is a two P-33 gauntlet that is entirely optional. We won't be visiting that today (trust me, I've seen more than enough of it off-camera.) Instead, the gang is heading toward the pathway to the northwest...

That trail leads to Mako Reactor -01. Turns out the Junk Heap is situated in Deeperground, a hidden city beneath the hidden city that was beneath the slums that are beneath Midgar and are home to-oh wait, nevermind. We're just beneath the boss arena from the Geppetto fight. My mistake. I guess we ought to get up there for the obligatory boss battle to finish off the chapter, hmmm?

"-that about?"
"Doesn't matter. I'll kill the Shade and anyone who gets in my way."

Luckily, there just so happens to be an elevator upward to the battle bot platform. Gee...I really hope we don't run into what's left of Gideon's mama... She's gotta be looking rough by now...

"I'm going in."
"I wish I had half the courage you possess."
"Oh, you're coming with me."

I guess OSHA safety regulations went by the wayside during the apocalypse. Though, I have to wonder what purpose an open hole directly above a platform in a massive empty chamber might have possessed. Perhaps the designers were just big 300 fans...?

Before leaping into the unknown, there is yet another treasure for Nier to snatch from the wreckage of Junk Heap. Keep 'em coming!

Beastcurse is another rather meh weapon to add to Nier's growing stable of third stringers... Like Beastlord, this hunk of metal is a brand new NIER creation and has an amazing new tale to go along with it. Let's take a look...

Grimoire Nier posted:


Once upon a time there were three brothers in a kingdom. The youngest of the three was a lazy person who slept through his days. But the youngest brother had a cheerful demeanor, so he was like by everyone.

Even when an epidemic broke out in the country, the youngest brother merely hummed to himself while lazing about the palace. But the people in the city found healing in his cheery voice so they praised him. That person is amazing. He really is!

Even when the country was involved in war, the youngest brother merely talked about things past while lounging about the palace. But the people in the city could forget the war with his anecdotes and comforted each other. That man is wonderful, really wonderful!

One day the youngest brother was hanging about the palace again. But today he could not hear the voices of the people in the city. While loitering about, the youngest brother continued thinking…yawn, "Why?" yawn, "Why?" yawn, "Why?" The brother eventually became sleepy. In a country where everyone had died from sickness and war, only snores resounded throughout the palace today. This is a happy kingdom. A happy kingdom. A happy kingdom. A happy kingdom. A happy kingdom. A happy kingdom!

And they all lived happily ever after! Other than everyone who died...

Right, then about that hole. Let's a-go-


Nier falls a good fifty feet and totally busts his ass. Good thing NIER doesn't have fall damage or that could have ended quite poorly. Kainé and Emil do the sensible thing and just gently teleport down to the floor.

As per tradition, the catwalks leading away from the dungeon master platform lurch away at the beginning of the battle. That seems rather silly, considering we just busted in through the roof to fight whatever the hell is in here. But, details...

And what have we here. Hey...I remember you... KSO (Kid. Squashing. Observer.) Bot-3950. It's been ages!

Amazingly enough, the slightly deranged Gideon wasn't making up a bullshit tale regarding a Shade/Machine alliance. This bodes ill... The small boss Shade screeches a command no doubt demanding the blood of humans, which causes the death bot to creak into action.

Music: Deep Crimson Foe

"Intruder detected!"

"Scanning... Scanning..."

Woo boy... This is gonna be one of those days... Maybe that lame Dark Wall attack can block mini-guns...?

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