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Part 75: Episode LXX: P-33

Episode LXX: P-33

Music: Deep Crimson Foe

Luckily, those mini-guns are cutscene only. It never fires them again. Disaster adverted!

"Good lord, it's enormous!"
"Intruder detected. Scanning... Scanning... Exterminating."
"Look at the Shade!"
"That thing is commanding the robot somehow!"
"Aim for the legs! Knock it down!"
"Take out the Shade!"

So, P-33... What can I say...? It attacks...well, exactly like every single other P-33 drone in the Junk Heap. This one just happens to have a voice modulator (or the others weren't particularly talkative) and a small Shade is riding on its head.

Kainé blurt this out during the battle. She sounds somewhat distraught. It seems she is having trouble coming to terms with the newly formed Mecha/Shade alliance. We need to nip this one in the bud before we have a robot driven secondary apocalypse. Nobody wants to see T-800s lobbing Firaga spells...

Anyhow, things change a bit when P-33's health dips below 33%. For one, the entire area begins quaking from an unknown force...

...And scrap metal, debris, and general trash begins levitating through the air...

Levitating around P-33 and his Shade companion, to be more specific... That...probably isn't a good thing...

Music: The Dark Colossus Destroys All

...Yeah. Yeah, that ain't good. I he going to fly with those silly things...? What's he trying to pull here...? I've put together a stack of Legos when I was a toddler that was more aerodynamic than that clump of metal.

It would appear there is more than meets the eye to P-33...

Despite the absurd ghetto trash heap wings, P-33 has indeed gained the ability of flight for the second half of the battle. And it uses this newfound gift to...

...immediately smash straight into the ceiling and knock a bunch of loose crap off the roof. I guess the old clunker needs to get a feel of the whole wing augmentation thing.

"Go...see the world-ld-ld-ld-ld."

Great...the thing learns to fly and its first thoughts are of enslaving the world. Lousy machines...they never learn, do they?!

The Winged P-33 gains a slew of new attacks, such as a souped-up version of its area-of-effect electrical stomp.

And of course, the staple of any winged foe: the dive-bomb head butt technique. I'd probably have a harder time thinking of flying gimmick bosses that didn't attempt that attack than those that did.

"No mere robot can face the majesty of Grimoire Weiss!"
"I can't concentrate with all this bullshit fancy talk! Swat 'em down! I'm getting killed here!"

P-33 has also apparently played its fair share of FPS games over the years as its third and final attempt to deal with Nier's assault is to spam rapid-fire shots while circle strafing his enemy. Sadly, that only works on every FPS boss in the last decade up until the popularization of QTEs (now you gotta circle strafe THEN mash X a bunch of times!)

After a good solid beating and more than a few Dark Lances to the mainframe, P-33's makeshift wings give up the ghost and violently explode, finally disabling the lumbering metal behemoth. About time...

But, seeing the gang has trashed its pimped out ride, the tiny commander Shade hops off its robot buddy and attempts to take matters into its own hands.

The little bastard tries a cheap trick of spawning several doppelgangers to combat the party. Only one is the genuine article. The rest fold in a single swing of Nier's blade.

The runt and his clones barely put up a fight and if any do manage to get in an attack, it's so weak that Nier won't even flinch from the blow. Needless to say, this Shade-Robo alliance is ending today.

When the clones are all slain and the original subdued, an Attack Gauge appears on the pilot Shade. Robots like Geppetto and P-33 didn't get these since they didn't have...ya know, blood for fancy Finishers.

But, running this little guy through will provide an ample amount of juice to power a Finisher to take out his robot pal. Thanks, little buddy!

Nier goes with a powered-up take on the Dark Phantasm for his robot scrapping method of choice. I was hoping he'd use Dark Hand to crush the thing into an easily recyclable form then tossing it into a trash dumpster. But...I guess this will do.

And that, ladies and gents, is a wr-



The malfunctioning robot crumples back to the floor...

" mission..."

"...mission... mission... mission... miiiisi....."

Music: Yonah ~ Piano

"You stupid machine! You killed my family! You took everything from me! Why did you have to be here!? Why you!? Why are you here!? Why!?"

.....I...don't know. This whole thing felt kind of off... Huh... Anyway, Gideon proceeds to pound the shit out of P-33's scrapped husk. Let's see if we can calm the kid down a tad bit...

"But he's dead! And it's this bastard's fault! And hitting it MAKES ME FEEL BETTER!! Just wait, you freak! You goddamn freak! I'm gonna explore this entire mountain now! I'll make terrible weapons! Killing machines! No one can stop me! Ah hah hah! AAAAAAAAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!!!!"

Later, back on the surface...

"He doesn't know any other way."
"Revenge is a fool's errand."
"...I know."

Well...uhh... We got the Law of Robotics key! That's something... Right...?


Right... Let's get out of here...

P-33 Highlights and Chapter Outro
(You should probably watch this.)

P-33 Full Boss Battle