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Part 79: Episode LXXIV: Facade Bachelor

Episode LXXIV: Facade Bachelor

Music: The Prestigious Mask

Welp, I think that is enough farting around in Facade. There are a couple of sidequests kicking around town. But all outside of one are massive pains in the ass. So, let's just hit up the King's pad to see how things are hanging with our old pal.

Well...maybe just one teeny-tiny sidequest real quick. It lasts all of half a minute... I think we can squeeze it in...

Sidequest: The King's Mask

"Maybe. What kind of work?"
(The rules state that we must make a ceremonial mask for our king, and I need help collecting the materials.)
"I can do that."
(Thank you. I will need two things from you. One is titanium alloy, which can be found in the Junk Heap. The other is a crystal which is a special type of ore. I will need one of each item.)

Nier already possesses the Titanium Alloy, so that's half the work done. As for the crystal...I can't say I have ever encountered one of 'em out in the field. But fear not...

The Material Shop literally twenty yards away from the client sells crystals for 2,400 bucks a pop. Hugest grind of a sidequest ever!

(Now I can create the mask! Oh, thank you very much!)
"What manner of ceremony is this mask for?"
(The king shall wear this mask when he is pondering a new rule.)
"...That's a pretty specialized mask."
(Here is your payment, by the way.)

7,600 gold for thirty seconds of work... I can get used to those kinds of jobs. Facade is an okay sort of town. I wouldn't want to live there or anything. But I could definitely see myself getting shitfaced and wandering around for a weekend.

Speaking of drunken debauchery, let's see how the soon to be wed King of Facade is doing.

"I hear your days of bachelorhood are coming to a close, King!"
"My deepest sympathies. ...Ah, I'm just kidding. You'll love married life."
"Forgive my prying, but we are all eager to know the identity of your lucky bride."
(Oh, yes. How rude of me.)

A female masked person walks out of the bedroom...

(Uh...have we met?"
(It's me! Fyra!)
"You have grown into a fine example of womanhood. I'm sure you will make a splendid queen!"
"Kainé's gonna want to see this."
(Hah hah hah! Indeed. But I am truly glad to see you all. Did you know that my bride threatened to boycott the ceremony if you did not come? Ah, are you Emil?)
"P-pleased to make your acquaintance! Congratulations on your wedding!"
(Thank you!)
"Um, I'm sorry Kainé's not here, but..."
(Let me guess: She's outside, right? ...What nonsense. The girl knows she's welcome here. And now, I insist you stay with me tonight as honored guests of the royal family!)
"How can we refuse?"

D'aww. Something positive for a change. Good to know that at least one or two people haven't gotten their lives shat on in the last half-decade.

Music: Yonah ~ Plucked Guitar 2

"Just be glad they don't have any rules about flying books."

Ah hey, looks like Kainé finally got coaxed into brooding in the palace. I guess news of her little buddy Fyra getting married was enough to finally get her to stop being a gate wallflower. Let's see what's shakin'...

"What is wrong?"
"...I don't like this. Weddings are festive occasions, you know? Should I even be here?"
"Perhaps you could slip a few profanities into the ceremony so you feel more at home."
"Shut up, asshole! It was a serious question."
"This city runs on rules, not prejudice. And besides, the queen owes you her life. You're going to be fine. Don't worry about it."
"Yeah, I guess."
"Will you at least procure a new set of lingerie for the festivities? Some spring colors, perhaps?"
"Keep talking, Weiss! Let's see how smug you are when I toss you on a campfire."

Emil is chilling out upstairs. Let's get his take on the wedding.

"Can't sleep?"
"Weddings are so exciting! I may not sleep for days."
"Hell, Emil. It sounds like you're the one getting hitched."
"Hee hee! Yeah, I know. Although, I'd like to get married someday. I mean, if I can find a girl who doesn't mind what I look like... Yeah, so what was your wedding like? Did you have a huge feast where you made lots of toasts? Was there dancing and jesters and bears on unicycle and-"
"It was a long time ago, Emil."
"Well...would you ever have another one?"
"All right, that's enough weird questions. Go to sleep."

Nier and Weiss go out to speak with the King of Facade. His real name is "Sechs", in case you were wondering (German for the number six.) It's never said in-game...

Music: Dispossession ~ Strings

(And our quarrel with the wolves has taken a turn for the worse. The duties of a king are overwhelming! In truth, I feel somewhat guilty about holding a festival to celebrate my wedding.)
"Finding light in the bad times is the mark of a true leader."
"I couldn't have spoken better myself! Your people deserve a moment of rest and celebration."
(...I guess that's true.)
"And a man works better when he has something-or someone-to fight for. Trust me. This is a subject I know well."

(Heh... We should make that a rule. ...Something to fight for. Yes, I like the thought of that.)

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Music: Dispossession ~ Strings

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