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Part 80: Episode LXXV: My Big Fat NIER Wedding

Episode LXXV: My Big Fat NIER Wedding

"Flowers everywhere, everyone's's great! I'm kinda jealous! Aren't you kinda jealous, Kainé?"
"Aww, come on!"

(This sort of thing's always hard for me...)

And so the King of Facade and Fyra are wed. And there is much dancing and rejoicing among the Masked People.

The King and Fyra wave to the gang...

...and Nier makes a sad little wave back before posing for the group photo. That's one for the scrapbo-

And thus did Taro Yoko looks down upon NIER's world and takes heed there is far too much happiness in this scene. This is an error which must be corrected...and punished...

(The wolves...are coming... Run...)

The Man of the Mask keels over dead...

With word of this news, Nier uhh...hey, cameraman... You've out of focus on Nier and the gang... Why are you focusing on those two...? Oh... Aww...crap...

Fyra gets mangled in the Shade-Wolf's jaws before being slammed into a nearby wall. This is not ending well... Goddammit, Cavia!


A pack of normal wolves join the party as the rest of the Masked People flees in terror.

Music: Emil ~ Karma (Instrumental)

The pack leader, Roc (named after the huge bird of prey Sinbad meets in Arabian Nights) signals an attack. Time to kick the shit out of some wedding crashers.

You may remember we actually briefly saw Roc way back during our first visit to the Desert. I guess Nier's policy of murdering the hell out of any Shades he comes across might be a pretty decent policy given recent events.

The supporting wolves with Roc are nothing special and can all be splattered on the pavement in a single hit. The mid-boss Roc is the real threat. It seems to be especially pissed at Nier for some reason. I guess all those quests for wolf furs and that whole slaughtering one of their dens might have left a bad first impression on the wolf leader.

Roc himself mostly sticks to jumping around and spamming aerial Sonic Booms across the courtyard. They come in fire and forget as well as homing variety. Unlike the usual purple magic balls, these cannot be slashed away. They must be blocked or avoided. But, both options are fairly easy to pull off.

Roc can also howl which creates a magic reflecting shield for the duration of the attack. This is easy counted by running up and stabbing the asshole wolf right in its stupid hairy party pooper face.

When Roc's health falls below 33%, it will signal a hasty retreat to its pack and the wolves will flee from Facade...for now. Somebody better whip up a dirge for cerberus...I foresee another entry on the extinct animal species list in the near future. But, that will have to wait for another day... There are more...pressing concerns...

Music: Emil's Theme

(No! Why did you protect me!? Fyra! Please, say something!)

Fyra speaks the rest of her lines aloud.

(My husband...enough. The people...are nervous.)

(You're more important to me!)

(You're going to be all right.)

(Thank you for making...someone like me...your bride.)

Fyra goes limp and passes away...

(Fyra! No! Don't leave! Fyra! FYRA! COME BACK!!)

(She is gone, my liege. A prouder, more splendid queen there will never be.)
(Fyra... Your life had just begun! You came from the outside... Your life was hard... But now you were finally going to be happy!)
(My liege...)

(We were going to travel. To see new things. To be together. We were going to be together forever. We promised each other!)

The King abruptly climbs to his feet...

(All men, take arms! The wolves die tonight!)

The King storms off toward the gates of Facade...

"I would rethink this course of action, King. Ahead lies a battle you cannot win."
(My liege, we mustn't!)
(Then I go myself!)
(You can't, my lord!)

(They must die! Kill the wolves! Kill them all!!)

(The queen would very much frown upon this course of action!)
(You are the king and leader of the Masked People.)

(Your duty is to your people and their homes. While the threat of the wolves looms large, we must first solidify Facade's defenses. I beg of you, do not bring shame to the queen's memory. As a ruler...or a husband.)


"I think you're right. Sooner or later, he'll go charging into the wolves' den."
"Will we let him go by himself?"
"Of course not!"
"Then we must prepare for the fight. It will not be an easy one."
"I know..."



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Music: Emil ~ Karma (Instrumental)

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