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Part 81: Episode LXXVI: The Men of the Mask

Episode LXXVI: The Men of the Mask

Music: Dispossession ~ Strings

Welp, time for the wolves to die. All of 'em. The value of post-apocalyptic neckbeards' greasy t-shirts is skyrocketing by the end of this day.

I think we need to upgrade the ol' armory for this wolf purge, ya know? Some nice... Something sharp... Something that hair won't stick to... Hairy weapons are the worst. I reckon the war chest will allow it.

Both of Facade's blacksmith offerings are pretty kickass spears. The Captain's Holy Spear is the lesser of the two. But, that's mostly because the Phoenix Spear is one of the best polearms in the entire game (despite tassels on the end of the thing...) Anyhow, this is another Drakengard bootleg. So...

This stabby device went by the title Battlelust and it was found in a random canyon where Seere got kidnapped by a rogue gryphon out of fucking nowhere.

Grimoire Nier posted:


The captain tramples upon his "life"

The others' screams turn into songs of joy

Their flowing tears from despair to darkness

Conflict shall call for revenge, and give birth to new loneliness

Cool story, bro.

As I said, Phoenix Spear is pretty damn strong. And next time I get over to the Two Brothers' Armory I can upgrade to be even more kickass. But, it'll suffice for now. As with the rest of the Phoenix weapon series, it is a new NIER creation.

Grimoire Nier posted:


In a country near the border, there was a warrior who did not fear death. His formidable body was so sturdy that even arrows could not seem to pierce him. Because of that, the warrior constantly threw himself in the midst of the battlefield.

Once, a beautiful bird appeared in the warrior's dreams. The bird praised the brave and fierce warrior, and whispered to him that it could fulfill one of two wishes - "end the war and make the world into a peaceful one" or "attain immortality". The warrior wanted "immortality".

Ever since then, the warrior in battle became a sight to behold. He cut down enemies like grass, and no matter how many arrows have been shot at him, no matter how many swords he's been showered in, he remained perfectly fine and continued to cut open a path in the enemies. The king bestowed numerous titles and praise upon the warrior, and the warrior thought that his glorious days will continue until the ends of time.

However the war did not end, and the border country eventually came to destruction. The flames of battle expanded and wrought devastation to nearby areas. Trees and grass withered; the people died out, and eventually there was no one who knew of the warrior anymore. No matter how much he starved himself, the warrior could not die. He dreamt of the beautiful bird again. He begged to die, but the bird answer that he couldn't. It told the warrior that he could never die no matter what.

Phoenixes are kind of dicks, it would seem... Then again, I don't think any mythical creature in Drakengard or NIER was exempt from being kind of a douchebag.

Alright, let's do this thing. Ugh... At least Nier can stab to death anything that makes fun of his spear's frilly tassels within the blink of an eye.

The gang enters the King's Mansion...

"Yeah. We have to avenge Fyra."

(These damnable wolves continue to claim the lives of my people! I will not allow them to suffer any more. As their king, I must take a stand! And if the rules say I can't, then damn the rules!)

(I will not be defeated.)
"All right. Count us in."
(That is too much for me to ask.)
"We're not doing it for you, dumbass. It's for Fyra."
"Kainé! You can't speak to a king like that!"
"If this is indeed the plan, then let us make haste. We can ill afford another tragedy."
(My friends...thank you. ...I owe you much. If you can make use of this, please take it.)

Hey, free new sword. Not a very good sword or anything (though it does have one unique feature.) But, I'm not complaining. I'm not sure what the King was doing with Soul Edge though...

This sword also appeared in Drakengard. Caim picked it up onboard the Sky Fortress just minutes before the really gross revelation that his sister Furiae wanted to jump his bones. Sadly, I lack an update NIER tale. Oh well... Let's get to wolf slaying...

Music: Silence

Uh oh... Elderly old-school advisor to the young, headstrong king showing up with a full armed escort. I know where this kind of story is going...

(My liege, that is a violation of multiple rules.)
(Did those rules keep Fyra from dying?)
(No, my lord.)
(What did Fyra ever do? She was so close to knowing happiness, and then she had it taken from her.)
(Yes, my lord.)
(Was it Fyra's fault that she was so frail?)
(No, my lord.)
(Then get out of my way!)
(I cannot, my lord. You are behaving like a fool. You are young. ...So young.)
(How dare you!)

Internal strife in the kingdom of rules. Who woulda thought such a thing would ever happen...? In any case, Nier and the gang have the King's back in this difference of opinions.

(Queen Fyra was a kind and gentle woman. All in our city loved her, did they not?)

The Advisor turns to his men...

(Hear me, Men of the Mask! Who is our leader!?)
(The king of Facade!)
(And who is our king's beloved!?)
(Queen Fyra!)

(Who stained the court with the blood of our queen!?)
(The wolves! The wolves!)
(Then who are the ones that will vanquish the wolves!?)
(The Men of the Mask!)

The Advisor turns back to the King...

(Sire, I request permission to join these men in battle.)

Music: Kainé ~ Salvation

(I apologize; it took time to obtain the blessing of every citizen for the war.)
(You visited...all of them?)

(I am sorry, my liege. There are rules about this sort of thing, after all.)
(Do not exist to bind you. They exist so you may know your freedoms.)

(Oh... I see now.)
(My liege, you are a worthy successor to your father.)

(A foolish king attracts a foolish people... Do not forget this.)
(You are a foolish people indeed, to sacrifice so much for an idiot like myself.)

Some time later...

(Sorry to ask so much of you.)
"Forget it. It's for Fyra."
"...Let's move!"

Yup... So, no stupid rule filled dungeon to get to these bastards. We're just going straight to the part where we bust in their front door and break our foot off in their ass.

...So did anyone ever get around to writing that dirge for Cerberus...?

The King and the Advisor

King of Facade Illustration