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Part 88: Episode LXXXIII (Part 1): The Worst Bar in Seafront

Episode LXXXIII (Part 1): The Worst Bar in Seafront

Music: The City of Commerce

That wraps it up for The Village. Time to move on to Seafront's loose threads. There are three quests available in this town of many awful quests. Unfortunately, two out of the three rest in this lousy tavern and its trolling proprietor.

Let's get this over with...

Sidequest: A Memorable Knife

"How's that?"
"I would like you to purchase a kitchen knife from Two Brothers Weaponry and bring it back to me. I am willing to pay a great deal of money if you are successful."
"Why not just buy one here in town? Why go to such lengths for a mere household utensil?"
"Unacceptable! The knife must come from the Junk Heap. I will pay you whatever it takes!"
"Well, if you say so..."
"Thank you. When you bring me the knife. I will give you the money."

Well...we just need to go grab a knife from Gideon. That...doesn't sound too taxing... Off to the Junk Heap!

On the way across the Northern Plains...

"-cooking knife."
"Whether for love of food or love of fine cutlery, there is little doubt that this man is a serious customer."
"Maybe we could buy a whole bunch of knives for him. Then we'd be rich!"
"If he had twenty arms, and could wield a weapon in each one, I am sure he would purchase a great many knives for himself."
"That would be AWESOME!"
"Guys, this is a really stupid conversation..."

Continuing on to the Two Brothers Weaponry...

"Sorry, but I don't have anything like that. I don't even think I have the materials to make one."
"Well then, what do you need?"
"Ten titanium alloys. You can get them from any old robot."
"I'll be back."

Goddammit all... Any old robot my ass, Gideon. I should have known this was gonna be a pain in my arse. When did titanium become the gold standard for kitchen utensil material?!

Off to mine P-33s in the Junk Heap...

Twenty-five minutes, two runs through the Junk Heap, and 7 dead P-33s later...

"Great! I'll get to work on the knife right away. Eee hee hee..."

A few hours later...

"...Truth be told, that's one of the finest things I've ever made."
"That good, huh?"
"Vegetable or bone, nothing cuts better. It's based off a design from my father."
"Your father cooked?"
"Yeah, he did pretty much all the cooking. All Mom could do was bake bread. I sure miss those days..."

DON'T LOOK BACK!!!!!! Also, time to return to the client with their Deluxe Titanium Elite Kitchen Knife.

On the way across the Iron Bridge...

"Sounds like it."
"I hear that lots of men are getting into cooking lately. I bet this guy just wanted a new hobby."
"Yes, yes. Well, we must be off."

Returning to Seafront's tavern...

"Ah, thank you."
"...How's he getting along, by the way?"
"How do you mean?"
" know, he doesn't have a father and all. I was just wondering if he was doing all right."
"The lad travels a hard and lonely road, but he seems to be making a decent life for himself."
"...That's good to hear."
"Is something going on here?"
"No! No, no. ...Anyway, here's your reward."

Well, that was...odd? I am not sure what they were even trying to get at there...  Other than the implication this is probably Gideon's dad...  The tavern keeper will just mumble about how it is good Gideon is doing well for himself the rest of the game... That is, had he not a follow-up quest for us...

Sidequest: Bon Appetit! 2

"Would you mind helping me out again?"
"I hope it doesn't involve shark fins."
"Nope! It's broiled catfish served over rice. I just need ten giant catfish and ten bags of rice. Think you can help me out?"

...Remember how Cavia trolled the shit out of us with Part 1 of this quest...? I instantly regret accepting a part 2 to it... Ugh. Just this and one more job and I will never, ever need to set foot in this godforsaken town ever again.

"How dare you compare me to a common cookbook! There is no room within my pages for such trivial matters."

Rice is the easy part. Buy one or two packs of seeds, plant 'em, wait 18 hours and bam. You're swimming in rice! Alternatively, do it with the entire field and make a nice five grand profit on top of things.

The Giant Catfish is slightly more difficult to obtain. Well, it was... Like the Sharks in the predecessor of this quest, landing Giant Catfish pretty much requires the completion of The Fisherman's Gambit quest line to level up Nier's ability with the fishing reel. But, we've already done that so nabbing these babies takes all of five seconds each. Nier just needs to head over to the Eastern Road and use Carp as bait to land 'em.

And thus I also never ever need to fish in NIER again either!

Back to Seafront...

"That's, uh... That's quite the fish, isn't it? I wasn't expecting it to be so slimy and smelly and gross. I don't suppose you'd help me out with the prep work?"
"Sorry. The only knife work I know is cutting up Shades."
"Oh. Well, I guess this won't be going on the menu. Sorry about making you go all that way."
"Well, as long as I get paid, I don't really care. But it seems like a waste of a good fish."
"That's all right. When my recipes don't turn out, I just feed them to the seals."
"So that's why they're all so fat."


After we take out The Shadowlord, I'm coming back here and burning this tavern to the ground...

There is one final Seafront sidequest before I can say adieu to this fucking town for the rest of my days. This one is a bit difficult to find, as it is hidden on the third floor roof above the Seafront blacksmith. Said roof is completely empty all the way up until claiming all the Shadowlord Castle Keys. Anyway, let's get this mess done with...

Sidequest: Freesia

"Great, thanks! My freesias are selling like hotcakes!"
"Good to hear. ...Hey, who's that?"
"That's my wife and son."
"Ah. Good to see you found someone in the end."
"Yes. It took some time, but I was finally able to move on. Oh, that reminds me. Are you looking for work?"
"Always. What do you need?"
"I have a customer in Facade who needs a freesia, and I was hoping you'd make the delivery. My customer runs the material shop over there. I know it's a bit out of the way, but..."
"It's no big deal. I'll take the job."

Welp, this is a very simple quest. No grinding for material. No farming fish that won't even be used by the client. Hell, there are not even any fights along the way. We've just got to take a flower from here to Facade. Honest!

Off to the Desert...

"It was the one who came to meet his lover at The Aerie."
"Oh, yeah. That was him, wasn't it?"
"Oh, neat! When did that happen? It sounds kinda romantic!"
"It didn't work out..."

To the Facade Material Shop...

"Oh my... This certainly brings back memories."
"Memories of what?"
"Of many things, both pleasant and sad. I used to live in The Aerie, you see."
"Oh. Then I suppose I should tell you-"
"That it's been destroyed? Yes, I...I know. The little girl who lived next door to me used to love her freesias. We used to put them in our hair, and... Anyway, one day she was attacked by a Shade. Before I could do anything, she turned into a monster. I don't think the adults believed me, but I know it happened. I know it. ...Anyway, that's enough of that. Thank you for the flower."

Huh... So I guess we now know why that mini-boss from that old quest was holding onto a freesia, eh...? The girl didn't get smashed by a Shade... The Shade we smashed was the girl...

"How terrifyingly cruel."
"Should we tell him that his lover's a...a Shade now?"
"I think that's a bad idea."
"Why's that?"
"I may have...sliced it in half a few years ago..."

Returning to the client...

"Oh hey, thanks. Here's your fee." <Nier receives 10,000 Gold>

At this point, Nier is given the option of sharing the info the Facade material shop operator filled us in on regarding the fate of the client's old girlfriend back at The Aerie. The decision doesn't matter all that much. But ah hell... I'll let you jerks decide what we do one last time...

I leave it entirely in your hands one final time. Bold your vote or I'm not counting it. I'm getting too old for this parsing vague replies shit.

Tavern and Freesia Quest Banter

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