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Part 89: Episode LXXXIII (Part 2): By the Way...

Episode LXXXIII (Part 2): By the Way...

Music: The City of Commerce

Welp, the collective has reached a consensus. Seems we are telling this poor sap about his lost girlfriend's shady dealings in the past...

"Do you remember the letter you sent your lover five years ago? Well..."

The screen fades out while Nier fills the client in on his lover's fate...

"I'm sorry."
"If I would have just called her over here sooner..."
"Probably best to leave him alone for now."

And that's a wrap for the Freesia quest. I guess the guy had a right to know about that lingering thread in his past...


A few days later...

"Last night he grabbed a sword and stormed out of the house! I tell you, I've never seen him look so angry!"
"...That doesn't sound good."
"He'll be back. I know it. And my child and I will wait for him as long as it takes."

Needless to say, he never returns home... Good going, folks!

The alternative outcome for leaving the issue alone?  The guy thanks you for your job and returns to live in blissful ignorance with his family. You can return to see him hanging out with the wife and kids and enjoying his happy little family life just swimmingly. You shithogs have lost the right to bitch about this game being too depressing when you pull terrible decisions like this.