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Part 96: Episode LXXXIX: Dirge for the Hero

Episode LXXXIX: Dirge for the Hero

Music: Emil ~ Karma (Hey! Go listen to this! It only plays twice in the entire game and it's probably one of the best tracks.)

Deus Sechs Machina to the rescue! Aww yeah!

Goose gets to its feet after its temporary shit ruining and is probably confused as hell as to the identity of these masked jerks who just made him into a makeshift pincushion. In any case, the King of Facade, Advisor Neun, and the Men of the Mask all join in the battle to take down the rampaging Doom Boar.

(Let our friends through!)
(The People of the Mask owe you a great debt.)
(And now is the time to repay it!)

A few of the Men of the Mask rush over to start busting open the sealed door to the north...

"How did you get here?"
(My citizens were speaking of your latest adventure. This is the castle of the Shadowlord, is it not?)
"You are correct."
(Then we have a common enemy!)
(We'll hold this one off. Please, keep moving.)
(We are the People of the Mask!)
(We will stand our ground until our last breath.)
(I swore it upon Fyra's grave... I swore to become a good and just ruler. A king who would protect others from the Shades.)

The Men of the Mask manage to yank open the door, allowing Nier and the gang to continue onward deeper into the Shadowlord's Castle...

Whether they want to or not...

Music: Emil ~ Karma (Piano)

Nier, Kainé and Emil get forcefully shoved out of the chamber by the Masked Soldiers and the King. Fittingly, it's up to NIER's version of Link and his men to take out the giant pig monster. Nier and the gang have bigger fish to fry.

The Men of the Mask begin sealing the door behind them...

(We'll meet again, you and I, once all of this is over.)

(See you around!)

The doors slam shut...

"No! Open the door! You can't fight them on your own!"
(It's all right! You have to keep going! Defeat the Shadowlord and get your daughter back!)

(You must once again know the joy of having one you love by your side.)

Goose revives yet again...

(Now then... Say, how many rules are there about what to shout before dying in battle?)

(Fifty-eight, my liege.)
(Amazing! How do you remember all these things?)

(Do not despair, my liege. We are with you.)
(...I know. Let's try this again...)

(By the honor of the mask!)

(For the honor of our king! For the honor of our queen!)

Nier's still furiously pounding on the door to get back in and help his Facade buddies outside the chamber. It has little effect.

Kainé finally gets fed up with Nier wasting time when the King has clearly made up his mind and slaps the taste out of his mouth in order to get his shit together.

"Come on, let's go."
"He's fighting for you! And for Fyra! Don't let him die for nothing."

Big Damn Heroes
(You should definitely watch this.)

Music: Emil ~ Karma
Music: Emil ~ Karma (Piano)

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