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Part 97: Episode XC: Gestalt

Episode XC: Gestalt

As has been said before: don't look back. That is the last time we see the King of Facade and his men; at least during the course of this playthrough. Good luck to their lot. But, we need to continue pressing onward.

Several corridors stretch past where we battled Goose. Along the way, the game throws a ton of Health Salves (60% heal) and even a Health Potion (100% heal) at Nier in crates scattered about. It's like they're giving us a hint about what is to come...

Well, buckle up... It's time for a big ol' helping of PLOT!

Popola and Devola seem to be waiting patiently for the Nier to arrive in a derelict old world conference room. Appropriate enough a place for finding out what the hell is going on with these two...

"Oh, look. You made it."
"We've been waiting for so long."
"What the hell is going on!?"
"It began thirteen hundred years ago."
"Humanity, finding itself on the brink of extinction, undertook a last ditch-rescue plan called Project Gestalt."
"Do you still not remember, Grimoire Weiss?"
"Then let's give you a refresher."

" Gagghhh!"
"I...I remember... Devola... Popola... You are not human. In fact... Oh, no..."
<chuckle> "Yeah, sometimes the truth can be a real bitch. You wanna finish that thought for him, sister?"
"All of us, every person standing in this room, are mere shells created by the true humans."
"You lie."
"Nope-not this time. You're not human. ...None of us are."
"So then humans...I mean, the true humans....they're extinct?"

"Each Shade is a twisted remnant of what was once a human being."
"Crazy, huh? Now let's skip the part where you stand there with your mouths agape and just get down to business."
"Wait... Wait..."
"Sorry, but we're gonna be needing that shell of yours. The rightful owner has been waiting for a veeeery long time."
"Please don't be angry with us. We are only doing our duty."
"Under the command of the true humans, we live eternally for the sole purpose of controlling others. That's the only reason we exist..."

The twins step forward...

"You have your own motives, your own desires..."
"And we have ours. I fear it really is just that simple."

"Don't speak such foolish-n-n-n-ness!"


And next it is time for the final battle with the twins. BUUUUUUT! There is one thing that is really easy to miss when going from a big drama-bomb revelation like that straight into a big boss battle. However...

In the middle of that cutscene, just after Weiss regains his memory, Devola and Popola toss over a bunch of important documents regarding what just went down. Before we get into the huge clusterfuck of what is to come, let's take a few minutes to read and collect our thoughts... I'll leave you folks to it...

Project Gestalt Report 0923

Project Gestalt Report 9182

Project Gestalt Report 10432

Project Gestalt Report 11242

Confused...? Well, mull over the info you have before you for a bit. I'll fill you jerks in on a nice big write-up on a few of the holes to clarify what the hell this Project Gestalt business was all about. Nobody cheat with early spoilers if you read Grimoire Nier!

The Big Reveal!
(Probably worth a watch.)