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Part 98: Episode XCI: No One Stops!

Episode XCI: No One Stops!

Music: Song of the Ancients ~ Fate

Now that Devola and Popola have dumped just enough plot in our laps to vaguely know what's going on here, they're done fucking around. Time to throw down with the twins again. I somehow do not think they're going to drop a map, go into bubbles, and fly away into the sky again... I mean, they've got the battle version of Song of the Ancients playing and everything...

Devola takes a more a more hands on approach to battle and goes man-to-man straight down on the chamber floors for the duration of the fight. Meanwhile, Popola provides a back-up support role to her sister up on the stage.

"I'm nothing like you! None of us are!"

So, for the first half of this battle we're taking on the bard Devola. Huh... The protagonist's long time friend, the red-haired turncoat bard... I guess that means Devola and Popola are this game's Inuart analog, huh?

Popola has put up a defensive barrier on the boardroom stage and is invulnerable for the duration of the boss fight. The twins no longer share a life bar. We just need to take out Devola this round to progress. Works for me. Popola lends support by energizing Devola with a swirling energy ball shield and occasionally firing off some Dark Blasts if Nier lingers about for too long. But, she mostly just backs-up her sister.

Devola herself prefers Dark Hand and Dark Lances when going on the offensive. I thought she was supposed to be the friendly drunk... Personally, I fell pretty bad about taking on the twins at this point. I'm not even sure how many hours I left the game running while Devola sang and I worked on something else for a bit... I guess this is the end of those days.

Heavy attacks, like anything the with the two-handed swords or else the spear's charging attack, both work quite well as they'll knock Devola into the air. This cancels her attack and will almost always cause her to teleport to another part of the room.

Really, just running over to where she teleports, laying on the juice with the heavy offensive, and running to her next teleportation spot for another volley of ass kicking is a pretty simple way to take her down. Just so long as Nier keeps a slight bit of distance to avoid Popola's Dark Whirlwind re-ups.

A defeated singer later...

Well, that's one down... Hu...rray...? Hmph... This doesn't feel like much of a victory...

"Devola? Devola!"

Popola rushes over to her sister's side...

"Ughhhh... Aaahhh..."

Music: Emil ~ Sacrifice

"H-hey, Popola... You crying?"
"No! Don't die!"

"You know, I understand now why we're twins. It's because....because we were born without souls."

"Devola. I can't stop the bleeding. Oh god. I can't stop it!"

"This world is too lonely for one without a soul. There's too much...emptiness."

"Our souls are missing, but our tears still work. That's kinda weird. Sorry, Sis. ...I love you."

Devola goes limp and passes away...

"Devola? Devola! Don't you go! No! No, I can't be alone!"

Well...this is pretty shitty... Nier decided to try to reason with Popola to stop any more bloodshed.

"Popola, let's stop this now."
"Stop? Stop? You want me to stop?"

"You think I have the luxury to stop?"

"You cut down my sister like an animal and you tell me to STOP!?"

Popola grabs her weapon and climbs to her feet...

"Popola, wait! It doesn't have to-"

Music: Song of the Ancients ~ Devola

"No one STOPS!!"

"It's way to late to STOP!"


Devola ~ Full Boss Battle

Devola's Death Scene
(You should really watch this.)

Devola's Death Artwork