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Nanashi no Game

by Niggurath

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Original Thread: Get your creepy pasta off my DS! Let's play Nanashi no Game



It's the year 2002 and the American horror market is taken by surprise with a brand new horror movie called 'The Ring'. Going a different route than most American ghost stories involving a haunted house or a possessed person, it instead focused on an unusual means for a ghost to travel...a VHS tape. A common, innocuous form of media found in almost every household it seemed like an inventive means to transport an evil spirit around. In reality though, like quite a few inventive movies released in America, 'The Ring' actually was a Japanese movie released a few years earlier called 'Ringu' and this was what most considered the start of the J-horror wave that would sweep America for years to come.

Which brings us to the subject of this LP: ナナシ ノ ゲエム or Nanashi no Game (loosely translated as The Nameless Game). Released for the Nintendo DS in Japan in 2008 (it never found a proper English release), it follows a story very similar thematically to 'The Ring' but goes with a different avenue for an evil curse to be communicated about, and that is via the fictional video game system called the 'TS'. It seems an urban legend is starting to surface about a mysterious game with no name that causes anyone who plays it to die in seven days. It just so happens that our protagonist has recently got a new game downloaded on their TS....a game with no name.

Bottled Bacon found the divine presence in the game:

JunkV welcomes you to the jungle and informs you that indeed, you're going to die:

yokaiy shows us the real Midnight Meat Train:

Mr Tastee clomp clomp clomp:
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