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by Niggurath

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Original Thread: I (partially) see dead people - Let's Play Nanashi no Game: Me



Panzer Skank shows us the darker side of 774 Deaths

So with the ending of Nanashi no Game (that you can check out here if you missed it), it seemed like everything should have had a happy ending. Asahi's soul was finally laid to rest, Ikuta was able to finish his work of love for his family, and Davey somehow managed to survive it all (though he inevitable lost everything else in the process). But it's hard to keep a good curse down and that brings us to the 'Nameless Game's' sequel, Nanashi no Game Me (or loosely translated 'The Nameless Game: Eye'). Released roughly a year after the first game, the metagame as well picks up a year or so after the events of the first game and puts us in control of a new protagonist who has to deal with some very similar set of circumstances. A cursed game is still being spread through the portable gaming population and people are still turning up dead, with the usual situation of being given a seven day life span to deal with the curse. The thing is though....that for however similar it may seem to the initial curse, there's plenty of differences this time around to leave the player guessing and on their toes.

So please, I can't emphasize this enough but refrain from spoilers. As far fetched as it might be that people out there know the plot, don't spoil it for others.

Finally, I want to give a huge shout-out to SA user How Ingratiating! for doing the amazing translation work you see in these videos. This game, much like Nanashi no Game, never got a proper English release and more so, this is currently the only English translation going on of the game. And if you like what you see and wish to show her some thanks, then maybe check out her patreon ( since translation is how she gets by and helping out is nice. Also if you like the subtitles you're seeing in the videos, that's all thanks to the super hard work of Panzer Skank who is way better at subtitles than I could ever be.

by yokaiy

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