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Part 2: Day 1, Part 2

Before going to Odaka's apartment there's a movement tutorial in which you walk across a courtyard and open a gate. It is deadly dull and nothing plot-related happens in it, so I'm skipping it.

Video #2: Odaka's Apartment
Video #3: The Ritual
Video #4: Finding Odaka

Riko: Erika...



Erika, what's wrong?!

Hello, anyone home?

Erika: I... Odaka, he..

Riko: What's wrong? You were totally spacing out.

I tried calling your and Odaka's cell phones, but I couldn't get through, so I-

Erika: He's dead, Riko.

Riko: Eh? What?

Erika: Odaka. He's dead.

Riko: Huh?! Odaka... is... You're kidding me, right?

Erika: How could I joke about that?

Riko: Odaka!! Aaaah!

And that wraps it up for Day 1. Next time on Let's Play Nanashi no Game, we find out more about Riko's relationship problems.


Note on the fridge posted:

Magic-Repellent Holy Water: 2 Liters - 100,000 yen for a dozen - Ordered: 5 dozen - Delivery date: 8/1

Note from the projector room posted:

Today is the sixth day. If that one-week thing is true, I only have one day left before I...

But I've finally made some progress in the game. Today my character obtained an item. If this is one of the requirements to clear the game, then maybe -- just maybe -- it can save me.

Fun Facts about Stuff in This Update:

- "Sempai" (or "Senpai"), for anyone who is not well enough acquainted with fangirl Japanese to recognize it, is a respectful way of addressing an upperclassman or a more senior co-worker. I don't like to leave in honorifics when I'm translating, but there's no real English equivalent for it.

- The nameplates on the other apartments on Odaka's floor seem to be shout-outs to horror authors. 903 is "Clive", which is probably a reference to Clive Barker, and 902 is "Kurasaka", probably after Kurasaka Kiichirou, who is a Japanese horror author who seems to be very prolific but a little obscure. He's written nearly forty books and a number of short stories and magazine articles. He also seems to have done some translations of English-language horror stories (including the complete works of Lovecraft) and scholarly works about horror and fantasy fiction. Despite this, he gets about 2000 hits on Google (and most of those mention him only in passing, aside from his own site) and has no Wikipedia page, and none of his work has ever been translated into English.

The last one, 朝沫, is a total mystery to me; I don't think it's a Japanese name. The only results I get when I Google it are in Chinese, of which I don't speak a word, so I can't even tell if they're relevant or just a case of the two characters being coincidentally next to each other.

- The "Tenjin" in "Famille Tenjin" means "heavenly gods", which I guess is supposed to be ironic or something. "Famille Tenjin" is the name of an actual apartment complex in Fukuoka (buildings in Japan have names instead of street numbers, since the streets themselves very rarely have names), though I don't know whether this is intentional or not, since the game later uses a real building located in Tokyo. Then again, "Nanto", the name of the protagonist's university, is another name for Nara, so who knows really.

- The first time I played this game I got stuck here for a while because I thought the mysterious shadowy figure was something I was supposed to avoid, not follow. ... Wait, that's not fun, it's just stupid.