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Nanashi no Game

by Ghost Car

Part 3: Day 2

Now with 100% less typing noise and 100% more spacer bars!

[Subway, Nanto Line, On the Express Train]

Riko: Odakaaa...

Why did you leave me?

Eh? My TS?

Video #5: Relationship Problems from Beyond the Grave

Riko: No way... I don't believe it! What is this game trying to say? As if Odaka could love Erika more than me...

Huh... why isn't there anyone here? The subway was so crowded before...

Video #6: Car #4
Video #7: Follow the Flowers
Video #8: Finding Odaka, Again

Next time on Let's Play Nanashi no Game, the protagonist's life is recklessly endangered by authority figures. Also, the game gets more exciting.


Fun Facts about Stuff In This Update:

- If you're playing as a guy, Odaka instead accuses Riko of loving you more than him and that now that she's "come this far" he's going to keep her with him forever and ever and ever and no one will come between them anymore. Riko's reaction? "I guess I do love [main character] more... is that wrong?" She doesn't seem quite as upset about it as she is about Odaka not loving her.

- When attempting to record these videos, I twice got a glitch where when Riko found the Forest Earring, the dialogue box that popped up would be empty. I'm not sure whether or not that was intentional.