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Part 5: Day 3, Part 2

Well, I managed to get around the problem by downloading an older version of the emulator and running it in XP compatibility mode. Unfortunately, said older version doesn't seem to want to record sound -- which I somehow didn't notice until I'd already recorded and edited all the video, so I thought I'd go ahead with the update anyway. If I can figure out how to get around this, I'll fix it later. For the first video, the background music that's supposed to be there is on the soundtrack so I've added it in, but I couldn't do that for the rest of them.

In further errata, I took a trip to Fukuoka this weekend, where I learned that the name of Odaka's apartment complex should be not Tenshin, but Tenjin. Japanese name readings, my eternal nemeses! Anyway, if the neighborhood in which Odaka lives is supposed to be analogous to the Tenjin in Fukuoka, I can understand Erika's "whoa, he must be loaded!" reaction to finding out where he lived. Not that I went around asking what people paid for rent there, but it seems pretty upscale.

And in still further errata, I translated the hospital's name (Jikyuu Sougou Byouin) as "Jikyuu Sougou Hospital" when in fact it should have been "Jikyuu General Hospital". "Jikyuu", incidentally, is a made-up word roughly translating to "speedy care."

Well, I won't keep you waiting any longer. On with the update!

Video #11: Welcome to Freya! (We have flowers and ill-fated weddings!)

We return to the real world and approach the door, but there's a noise like someone exhaling slowly, the same noise we've heard when running into ghosts before.

Erika: That noise again... Could it be that the static on my TS screen is a warning that those things are nearby?

So what we have to do here is open up our TS and wait until the static goes away. I'd include video of this, but it takes like ten seconds.

Video #12: Some New Information

Video #13: Return of the Statues

Video #14: Riko

Next time on Let's Play Nanashi no Game, we go to the mall.


Ohyama's first e-mail, "New information" posted:

Hey Erika, how's your investigation going?

I told you that place had a shady history, but since it began as just an ordinary hospital, it shouldn't be too bad. I've obtained one piece of new information, though: it seems that four years ago, just before the hospital closed, the body of a person who died in circumstances very similar to those of the recent incident was brought there. That might be worth looking into.

Ohyama's second e-mail, "Records" posted:

I've found out the name of the person I mentioned in my last e-mail. Apparently he was called Yutani Shin.

I suggest you forget about looking for traces of the transmission and concentrate on finding Yutani Shin's records. Having his personal information should prove helpful to us now.

I'm awaiting your safe return.

As you may have noticed, two out of three of Ohyama's e-mails so far have expressed some kind of concern for Erika's safety. This trend will continue as the game goes on. Which raises the question: if Ohyama is so concerned, why can't he do his own damn investigating?

Fun Facts about Stuff in This Update

- Flowers are possibly even more closely associated with weddings in Japan than they are in the West. The words for "bride" and "engagement" in Japanese both contain the word for "flower". So that's one reason why Freya has the "flower" theme along with the "wedding" theme.

- Okay, I lied when I said gender doesn't affect anything after day 2: if you're playing as a guy, it's the groom who dies and the bride who chases you. But that makes less sense than the way it works when you play as a girl, for reasons we'll see later. (Also, statue-Odaka and statue-Riko's roles are naturally reversed -- he's jealous and she wants you to be with her forever and ever.)

Bonus material:

You may or may not remember that back in the Riko chapter, she talked to statue-Odaka in a field of other statues (like the one we saw in this update before she chased us). What I didn't realize, until someone pointed it out to me, was that those other statues also had things to say.

Bottom left: I... I can't... move...

Bottom center: Th... this is... that game...

Bottom right: Aren't I... dead...?

Center right: I'm lonely... it... hurts...

Center left: Where... is she? That... girl...

Top left: Help... me... h... elp me...