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Part 6: Day 4, Part 1

It's still Halloween in some time zones, right?

Still having issues with video recording, which is why this update is so short. I'm working on it.

Nanto University: Professor Ohyama's Office

Ohyama: First Odaka and now Nagasawa died seven days after starting to play the cursed game.

You encountered Nagasawa at Jikyuu General Hospital yesterday.

And I've just been told that Odaka's body disappeared from the Metropolitan Police Department at the same time.

It's hard to believe all the strange things that have happened here over the past few days, but however you look at it, it's clear they all have something to do with that game.

Now I understand that science -- no, not just science, but empiricism, logic, and systematic approaches are useless in this case.


... The transmission of data through language really is slow.


Erika: ... so get to the point?

Ohyama: Erika.

Let's proceed on the premise that the curse on this game really exists, all right? I'm sure you have no objection to taking some precautions regarding that.

Erika: I'm in favor of anything that leads to me not dying.

Ohyama: First of all, I've been thinking about that Nagasawa... -like thing that chased you. I've thought it over and my conclusion... well, I haven't reached one yet, sorry. But let's speak for now taking it as a given that the curse on the game is real.

Erika: Didn't you just say that?

Ohyama: If that's the true form of the curse, might those things be some kind of "immune system" to protect it?

Erika: Are you suggesting the game thinks I'm some kind of virus?

Ohyama: I know it sounds strange, but to the game, you, Erika, are an antigen, and those things are its antibodies. When you started investigating the game, those things -- let's call them "Regrets" -- were born.

I know this whole thing seems unreal, but I think it would be best if you didn't let those Regrets get too close to you. If you do, I have the feeling you'll "regret" it.

Erika: That was awful. Wait a second, did you seriously name them "Regrets" just so you could make that joke?

Ohyama: Well, then, to go back to what we were talking about before... since it's the only concrete information we have, we'll use the contents of the Yutani Shin record that you retrieved as a guiding light, so to speak.

"Guiding light" -- that makes me think of lighthouses, the famous beacons of the sea. One beam of light piercing through the darkness, guiding the many travellers who journey across the ocean--

Erika: Uh, Professor, what does that have to do with anything?

Ohyama: Ah... I'm going off on a tangent again. Anyway, the aforementioned Yutani Shin worked for Utasoft, which when I looked into it seemed to be a game company.

Erika: A game company? So, do you think...?

Ohyama: Yes. There's a possiblity that he might be connected to the cursed game. Of course, we don't yet know whether Utasoft made the cursed game or not.

[TS sound]

Ohyama: Huh?! It seems that the game is transmitting...

I'm sorry, I am afraid I cannot but ask you to play it for me at once.

Erika: Well, since you ask so nicely.

Video #15: Meet the Dev Team!

Ohyama: I see... so that's the cursed game. Even if you get a new TS, it still transmits. Now, there's something to capture the minds of those who like intellectual puzzles.

Erika: It's not exactly an "intellectual puzzle" to me.

Ohyama: A... ah, I'm sorry.

You must now proceed to a shopping mall in the Nakano neighborhood, where Utasoft is headquartered.

I'll call the Utasoft office while you're on the way.



By the way, Erika.

What would happen if you received the cursed game, but didn't play it?

Erika: I've got no idea. Why do you ask?

Ohyama: As a researcher, that piques my interest. Terrible, isn't it?

Next time on Let's Play Nanashi no Game, we go to the mall for real this time and penetrate the mysteries of Utasoft... sort of.