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Part 7: Day 4, Part 2

The first video was just slightly over the YouTube limit, so I had to do some awkward cutting here and there to make it fit. Nothing of value was lost, I assure you. Never mind, I just enjoy making my videos weird and choppy for no readily apparent reason.

Also, YouTube is for some reason being a bitch about uploading the last video, so right now you get a crappy Dailymotion version and I'll try to get it onto YouTube tomorrow. I just want to get this update over with.

ETA: Finally fixed video #18.

[Nakano Broadway Center]

Erika: Huh... a game company in the middle of a shopping center... weird.

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Next time on Let's Play Nanashi no Game, we pay a little visit to the Ikuta residence.

Ohyama's first e-mail, "Utasoft" posted:

There's something I forgot to tell you, so I tried e-mailing you, but you must be in Nakano Broadway already. Utasoft is on the fourth floor of Nakano Broadway, in the corner opposite the stairs. I'll make the phone call later, sorry.

Ohyama's second e-mail, "Appointment made" posted:

Sorry this is late.

I've finally gotten in touch with Utasoft. The appointment is at 10 PM on the dot, so don't be late. Right, right, about Yutani Shin, it seems he was the president of Utasoft. I don't know who the current president is, but mind your manners.

It's strange, though, the voice on the phone sounded like a child's...

Ohyama's third e-mail, "Title" posted:

Before you got to Utasoft, I thought I'd look into the title of that cursed game, but I can't find anything that seems right. It must have been a new title that hadn't been announced to the media yet. When referring to the game, so as not to offend Utasoft, you should probably try to talk around it.

Ohyama's fourth e-mail, "Urgent message" posted:

Utasoft went under four years ago. I checked Wikipedia a famous free online encyclopedia, and it said that they were in the middle of developing a new game at the time. The whereabouts of the former employees are unknown. But when I called earlier, it sounded like there were people moving around in the background, so maybe they're still around finishing up business.

Ohyama's fifth e-mail, "Why Utasoft collapsed" posted:

The reason for Utasoft's failure seems to be internal disharmony. Particularly, relations between the president and producer, Mr. Yutani, and the director, a Mr. Ikuta, were irreparably destroyed. The one overseeing the development for the new TS game was Ikuta. If you try to find information about what he was making, it might help us to unravel the riddle of the cursed game.

There are also a few pieces of paper that I didn't pick up in the video:


Retirement notice: I am opposed to Ikuta's unfair dismissal.

- Sawamura


Retirement notice: I am opposed to the cancellation of Project Sun.

- Nagira


Internal Memo (Utasoft): This BGM is pretty cool, huh? What do you think?

- Louise


The president has objected to the Sun Project's main musical theme, "Family Love".


Internal Memo (Utasoft): There is an important bulletin from the president regarding compensation for overtime.


Item 5, the Sunlight Dress: I'd like a gentle, calm image


Item 6, ???? of Love: Haven't decided on the particulars; I'm still working on this one.

Note: The official romanization of the composer's name is "Luis", but she's evidently a woman, and "Luis" is a man's name. Plus, it's written as ending with a "z" sound, not an "s" sound. So I've rendered it as Louise here because I think it makes more sense that way.