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Part 9: Day 5, Part 2

This update is both short and late, for which I beg your forgiveness. My weekend was a bit busier than expected. (Hey, it's still Monday in some time zones, so this is only one day late, right?)

We are, incidentally, about three or four updates from the end now. Day Six is long enough to merit two updates; Day 7 is probably better done all in one. Because the deciding factor is coming up soon, I'd like to know whether people would rather see the good ending or the bad ending first. Naturally I'm going to show you both, but considering that I have to replay half of Day 6 and all of Day 7, whichever ending is shown second will probably be its own separate update.

Video #22: When You Coming Home, Dad?
Video #23: Hello, Little Girl

Next time on Let's Play Nanashi no Game, we read a little girl's diary.


Fun Facts:

- The little girl's name, "Asahi", means "sunrise". Ikuta's given name, "Ushio", means "ocean". Remember this; it will be on the test.