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Part 11: Day 6, Part 2

Things are about to really get interesting.

Video #25: Hell Hotel
Video #26: The! Ultimate! Joy! Of a Researcher!
Video #27: Asahi
Video #28: Some Words With A Ghost
Video #29: The Missing Page
Video #31: To the Lighthouse

Next time on Let's Play Nanashi no Game, the thrilling conclusion. Well, one of them.

Ohyama's first e-mail, 'Sorry I'm late' posted:

If you're reading this, you must be safe. I'm glad. I got held up, but I should be there any minute now. Please return to the entrance quickly.

Ohyama's second e-mail, 'I'm at' posted:

the entrance to the tunnel. I'm waiting for you. Please take care.

Ohyama's third e-mail, 'It's cold' posted:

Even though it's still summer, the nights are starting to get cold, huh? Maybe it's just because we're by the ocean, but I can't feel my fingersssssssss

Ohyama's last e-mail, 'Are you safe?' posted:

I set up this e-mail to be automatically sent from the PC in my office. Maybe I'm worrying too much, but just in case. Anyway, there's just one thing bothering me now. You said there was a drawing on the wall of the room where you found Odaka. What was the meaning of that drawing?