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Nancy Drew and the White Wolf of Icicle Creek

by Microwave

Part 10

Alright well he tells me it's him in the pictures and his family used to own this lodge or something but he totally isn't the one who is blowing shit up and it's just a weird coincidence so okay that whole thing was completely pointless

I also find this journal in the snow outside

Luckily for me I don't have to think about how to find out who the journal belongs to, Nancy Drew SOLVES IT FOR ME. If you hate solving puzzles, this is the puzzle game for you. In fact you don't even really play as Nancy Drew, she just tells you what she wants to do and you move her around

Okay at this point I have no screenshots in my folder for some reason, I think I was pressing the wrong button in Fraps or something like F9 instead of F10 but it's kind of an important part so I created a cardboard diorama

Okay here Nancy is in that shack with the wolf

Nancy gives the wolf the journal and a bunch of washcloths she stole from the guests while doing laundry and the wolf indicates the journal smells like the washcloth belonging to LOU TALBOT (the faggot who looks like harry potter)

I confront Lou but he says he just so happens to like to dig up dinosaur bones but he also totally isn't the one blowing stuff up and it's also just a weird coincidence that he is staying in this lodge with all of these other suspicious people

He also gives me this dinosaur bone which I can put in a slot in the wall in that lodge

(this is back in the real game by the way i don't know if you can tell)