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Nancy Drew and the White Wolf of Icicle Creek

by Microwave

Part 12

Alright, moving in!

Lou's backpack..


Just then this fag runs in, check out his facial expression though, emotion engine in action

I tell him I found Lou's backpack filled with bombs

He's fucking PISSED

He runs off, but it looks like he dropped his watch thing..

EnviroBlast 1.2? Countdown? Oh shi


Nancy runs the fuck out of there and the bomb explodes behind her, it's pretty intense

I don't know about you guys but I definitely thought the most awesome minigame here was the snowmobile one so I'm really glad it ended with this epic chase sequence. It's impossible to actually catch him, if you cut around a corner to get closer to him he suddenly gets like 4 times faster for a second so you can never touch him, you just have to keep following him for like 5 minutes. There's pretty sweet chase music here though


YEP, THAT'S WHY. He's a fucking SPY from FREDONIA, and he wants to sabotage the lodge to....find uranium. Yeah.

(im not sure what i'm supposed to be looking at here it just looks like a blurry texture)

Oh yeah, "A bunch of a shit is blown up near a ski lodge because of an insane foreign terrorist", fucking EVERYONE will want to stay here now


i hope everyone who worked on this game fucking dies