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Nancy Drew and the White Wolf of Icicle Creek

by Microwave

Part 2

Alright since this is a hardcore gaming session and you guys are going to be with me for a while I thought I would get you acquainted with the place kind of letting you know what the base of operations looks like

By the way I am back at the beginning screen in that photo I forgot to save when I exited to post this thread so I had to watch the intro video again and it is unskippable and like thirty minutes long

Being a maid in Nancy Drew is FUN AS FUCK, almost as fun as being a maid in real life

See this bed? It's unmade.

Click on it, BAM

Now the bed is made. Nancy Drew, girl detective, I got the clues, the clue was that the bed wasn't made, solved the puzzle, made the bed, this game rocks. You are required to make the beds every morning, BUT WATCH OUT, only the rooms with the housekeeping sign!!

In this game you are also forced to 'cook food' at certain times. Since this game is targeted at females I think this is appropriate since even in the virtual world women belong in the virtual kitchen

Cooking involves clicking back and forth between two screens and seeing how much of each ingredient each person wants. It's fun as hell, it combines the dull monotony of looking back and forth between two screens with the dull monotony of clicking in the same place 20 times. Think of it as a somehow even less fun version of 'Cooking Mama'

Also if you leave food on the oven for too long the entire fucking kitchen SETS ON FIRE, the graphics are awesome as seen here

Other fun things you can do in this game include avoiding hypothermia (it is very cold outside you see)

and looking at a chart showing which birds are around during which seasons

Oh, while we're here I should probably show the suspects I guess they're the one who blew up the thing or whatever

These two homos

This dumb bitch

And this faggot

Be right back with more exciting Nancy Drew