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Nancy Drew and the White Wolf of Icicle Creek

by Microwave

Part 4

The wolf looks like it has two sets of teeth here

It is staring into my soul

But anyway the wolf dug me out of the snow and decided not to eat me so alright problem solved

The guy with the cowboy hat told me to go ride his snowmobile and check out some place to see if there was an avalanche there because apparently I'm an avalanche expert now. I'm pretty excited to drive the snow mobile because it is one of the features listed on the back of the case along with "race against the cold", "duck snowballs and danger", "serve up savory meals", and best of all "pace yourself and fix mistakes".

Problem is, Nancy is REFUSING to go outside because it is too cold for her bitch ass

It's like midnight in the game and everyone is asleep in their rooms with the do not disturb sign, it is kind of like Oblivion where everyone has their cycle of routines except unlike Oblivion I can't go into their room and beat them to death with an axe

So anyway Nancy Drew is the only one in the house who is awake and I guess she never gets tired

It's hard to describe how boring this game is but it's so bad I can't bare to actually try to look around when I'm stuck so I checked gamefaqs

Gamefaqs does NOT have a walkthrough for this game, however there is this post about how AznPrincess14 and her sis picked up this game at Walmart for 12 cents

I'm going to keep dicking around here I'll let you know if I figure something out