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Nancy Drew and the White Wolf of Icicle Creek

by Microwave

Part 6

Hey sorry for the long delay get off my ass god what the fuck

Remember this fag from earlier who demanded I go shovel snow on the lake? Well, now he is demanding that I catch fish to compete with him. This is a pretty reasonable thing to ask a maid to do, often times when I am at a hotel I demand the room service to play scrabble with me so I feel for this guy (by the way thats an old screenshot of that guy I forgot to get a new one)

Here's the ICE FISHIN' shack, looks like a pretty good place to hang out alone

When Nancy goes inside she discovered the place was TRASHED, because that wasn't obvious from the outside I guess

Hey look its a fucking clue, let's call that number

If you don't read that I don't blame you but basically it seems that some PETA type group might be behind all of this which is pretty lolsers

Anyway back to fishing

Fishing in this game is awesome, you pretty much just click on a fish and you catch it, it's a lot of fun

Also there are apparently SUBMARINE MINES floating around under here, but that isn't part of the mystery or anything I guess that's just the norm. Curiosity overcomes me and I decide to catch it, causing the the fishing shack to start shaking


This time I did NOT get a 'you're fired' message, the screen just went black and then I restarted the fishing minigame, so I'm pretty sure I actually killed Nancy Drew there

Anyway I catch the fish and walk outside, when suddenly a silhouette person throws a snowball at me, causing Nancy Drew to pass out (this happened really fast so I didn't get a screenshot of it)

When I wake up the fishing shack is fucking exploded and I'm stuck here