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Nancy Drew and the White Wolf of Icicle Creek

by Microwave

Part 7

Alright, well, Nancy is stuck on one side of the ice now and she's bitching about how cold she is

Luckily for her that fucking wolf showed up again and this time he brought a floating coat

Getting to the other side of the lake took this minigame where some of the ice randomly sinks and you have to hope the one you step on isn't the one that sinks (fun as heck once again). There is also an overhead shot of Nancy here so I guess that's what she looks like

Nancy finds wolf tracks again, so she decides to follow them again, despite the fact that last time she did that she got caught in an avalanche, not to mention this place is called AVALANCHE RIDGE jesus christ

Nancy isn't able to climb up the snow, so she needs snowshoes

Unfortunately, the only snowshoes in the entire ski lodge are locked up with a combination lock.

That asshole who keeps firing me (her name is Chantal by the way) says she will give me the combination, but only if I fill out this dumb ass survey somebody gave her that is somehow supposed to be helpful

Not only do I really not feel like finding out which planet each person identifies with and their feelings on paprika, but the chart is labeled with their initials and I don't even know any of their names so fuck that, it looks like I can fill in anything here so if there's something you think I should put in here let me know now