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by Xander77

Part 3: The Great Game of the Sea.

Episode 4 - The Great Game of the Sea.

Time for a bit of commentary from yours truly. It's mostly tangential whining, so it goes here rather than into the video proper.

1. The game lags quite a bit. I try to pre-plan my clicks so that it's hidden, but trying to click on several things in rapid succession will send everything into a spiral of confusion. You may have noticed this during the folk-singer conversation - every time he stops or starts singing, there's a significant pause.

2. The Great Game of the Sea, aka Amputation, aka Operation. I hate it so. goddamn. much. It's an abject lesson about how to NOT design minigames.

There are no instructions. You have to remove each piece slowwwwwwly, straight upwards, and with no movement to the sides. This is intuitive, but not obvious - so when the game buzzes for no reason, you're not sure whether an errant twitch had betrayed you, or you've misunderstood what you're supposed to do.

Since the AI moves first, you need it to make a mistake in order to win (a draw is insufficient). Said mistake is by no means inevitable. You can (I have) play a perfect game, yet end up with a draw (forcing you to retry, and losing you the "win on the first try" achievement).

There's no option to finish the game when one side scores 4, even though its decided at that point.

Switching Van-Zandt's device ensures that he gets buzzed every single time, but doesn't eliminate buzzes for you. You are now in a game that you cannot possibly lose, but do not automatically win. In fact, some players are afflicted by a bug in which both sides get buzzed the moment either touches a piece, making the game unwinnable.

In short - fuuuuuuuuuuuck this minigame.